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Borderlands 2 Stamp

By sugarpoultry
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Didn't see any Borderlands 2 stamps out there yet, so I made one. Definitely better than the first and all around AMAZING game!

Borderlands is © 2k Games/Gearbox

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[link] [link] (not sure why the thumbs aren't working for those last ones. :( )
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© 2012 - 2021 sugarpoultry
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I love this game so much.  Great stamp, too.
ChaozOfKalameet's avatar
I am looking for a team to play this game with... A big team...
Creesindor's avatar
U should play the game and post it on ur Youtube channel. 8-)
sugarpoultry's avatar
Haha I though about live streaming a game with my husband. Cuz we play together. ;)
Creesindor's avatar
Oh, and do u know how to draw Zero or Claptrap? :-?
V8Arwing67's avatar
Definately getting this sometime, when I can scrounge up $60. XD
UltimateSpyroFan's avatar
Hell yes! Getting the game today. Can't wait to play it.
HoodieZombie's avatar
I love this game so much and I love this stamp!
SonicHomeboy's avatar
Joy puking time! :D
QuietMutt's avatar
I still need to play that game but my brothers making me wait playing it because he's the one who bought it >n<
Das-Mimi's avatar
I'm personally more of a fan of the first one (Mordecai FTW!!!) but I'm sure this one will grow on me. I really don't like the new nav and map because when you use it it just gets too confusing or when you're close to something it's a dead give away which makes it too easy.. But at the same time a lot of the game still confuses me do I'll get back to you in a week or so when I finish the game to see
sugarpoultry's avatar
The menu is the only thing that's taking me a while to get used to. Yah I miss the old map/waypoint. Though having the map on screen helps when you're driving. Cuz I hated having to stop and check the map and keep going all the time.
Das-Mimi's avatar
That's true.. Man I've been so busy I haven't even gotten to a car yet!
goldeneagle1337's avatar
This is one boss-ass game bro!
HuskyGym's avatar
Meh, haven't really been a fan of M rated games. I only want to get this to unlock the Minecraft stuff in the game, lol.
sugarpoultry's avatar
I like this game cuz you can turn gore off. :) It's still violent, but now its not blood and guts everywhere like it shows in the trailer.
HuskyGym's avatar
Oh that's good. I'll consider getting it :)
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SmashingTheOpponent's avatar
im getting this game!
DeisalWolf87's avatar
love borderlands :3
GENMAVERICK1989's avatar
awsome game i am loving it.
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