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Barry Allen - The Flash

By sugarpoultry
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I freaking LOVE this show. It's phenomenal! And I'm a hardcore Marvel girl, too. This show made me a DC girl as well! ;) If you can find a way to watch this show, do it! 
Spent a few days painting this, worked hard to get it done today. I'm very happy with it! Love the grungy style, hope to stick with it! :D This is the first of many comic related paintings!

Original sketch I posted to my FB:…


Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
Character © DC Comics/The CW
Art © Jennette Brown (sugarpoultry)
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© 2015 - 2020 sugarpoultry
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YOU ARE SOOOOOOO!....I love this!
sugarpoultry's avatar
Thanks so much!! <3
aileenarip's avatar
Holy sht this is AMAZING
seths-imprint's avatar
Is it possible I could buy a print from you
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Sure! I have these for sale on my Etsy page:
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Well your ship is closed :( thank you I will be anxiously waiting :)
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Sorry I'm going to  Hawaii for a week! Bad timing. 
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Gaaah yes this is amazing! You made him look just like the actor! :D
MoonriverJL's avatar
This is just amazing!!!
MartyRossArts's avatar
Wow! An amazing Barry with his secret- being the fastest man alive! 
Go Grant Gustin
ChristinePresley's avatar
Awesome and today it's the first episode of season 2
sugarpoultry's avatar
Yes! I'm so excited!
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
So cool....

I love how you displayed his alter ego. It is as if he is hesitant to show it but it is there. It also shows he is humble; in both identities. Well done :)
DraconicParagon's avatar
The only thing I would change about this is his eyes, it looks like he's been puffing a little bit o the magic dragon, if you know what I mean. Maybe add a little bit more white to take away "redness" in his eyes? Other than that? Amazing work!
sugarpoultry's avatar
Well its supposed to be the spark/lightning effect he gets when he's about to go speedy. I guess it might be a little overpowering. 
DraconicParagon's avatar
Cool cool. Just thought I'd point out something that I noticed. I don't watch the show so I don't know the spark/lightning effect you speak of, but can imagine it. (Also I'm pretty sure my wife watches this show but I've never sat through a whole episode. She started with Arrow and then I guess a character from that show showed up and became the Flash and then he got his own show?) Anyway, good work!
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Yah, The Flash is a spin off, but by itself it is SOOO good! I actually think its better then Arrow!
Cheekydesignz's avatar
one of your best :)
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Amazing piece, I love it! And I love the Flash! It got my creative juices flowing again! Started a piece in Manga Studio, which I forgot to save... It crashed... 4 hours of work down the drain. I think the neighbours 3 doors down heard me swear *sigh* so I had to restart! But yours is so good!
KaideGirault's avatar
This is easily my favorite show since Smallville ended.
moneybag1010's avatar
Awesome. I like the purple :) it feels like people always like to use red or yellow all the time.
I love what they're doing with the shows; both Arrow and Flash as well as the new series they're going to make. Looks like they're going to make a pretty huge DC universe through TV series. More goodies

I also am into Marvel but haven't paid too much attention to DC until Flash and Arrow. I have to say between all of the DC and Marvel TV series, Flash is definitely my favorite.
sugarpoultry's avatar
Yes, agreed! I prefer flash over Agents of Shield, honestly. I haven't watched Gotham, yet, so I don't know about that one. But as for these shows, definitely a DC gal for! :D
moneybag1010's avatar
Hmm, funny. I actually completely forgot Gotham even existed until you mentioned it and had to look it up. I vaguely remember hearing about it once, quite some time ago on some youtube video.

I'm liking DC TV series more than Marvel's TV series, but like Marvel movies (specifically MCU, X-men, Spidey) more than DC movies.. which are basically just all Batman and Superman (remakes), which I've never been too crazy about.
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