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All of Time and Space

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Yes, more Doctor Who fan art! Sorry not sorry...

I promised a long time ago (via a poll) that I'd do a full body shot of The Doctor with the TARDIS. Well here he is!
Did a semi-detailed style, because doing the TARDIS was kicking my butt... I may do a fully detailed one like this later one, but I'm still happy with how this turned out. :la:

This won't be the last you see if this guy. And yes, due to pressure (and me gradually warming up to his episodes), I'll be doing the 11th Doctor at some point. ;)

More Doctor Who fan artwork HERE:…


Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos4 tablet, 5 hours
Doctor Who © BBC
Background space/planet stock by resurgere…
Art © me
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© 2013 - 2021 sugarpoultry
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Cruthania's avatar
Wow as the doctor would say this is "BRILLIANT" and "ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC"
MelissaLianne's avatar
Cakeisacat9001's avatar
hmm...maybe its just an Emotion Lord thing, but the Tardis looks like a portapotty. XD only because the only portapotties I've seen are blue and Call Box-ish sorry if that offended you, I didn't mean to.
sugarpoultry's avatar
Heh doesn't offend me, its the design the doctor chose to fit in with his surroundings. ;) I think its unique.
Cakeisacat9001's avatar
yeah, it looks kinda cool.
Pineapple-Grenade's avatar
When I first started the series I never though I would ever be into the fanart by or anything haha!
Boy was I wrong :lol:
sugarpoultry's avatar
This is the first time I really search for fan art of any show. :D It's addicting!
Pineapple-Grenade's avatar
I just love the show, even if it looks... kinda cheesy haha :P
castlemaid's avatar
I've never noticed this before but his shoes really bother me for some reason, they just don't go with the ensemble
sugarpoultry's avatar
What? The trainers are AWESOME! :D I think its a great look.
castlemaid's avatar
I know, just, It's just me. I just don't like the white color with the whole brown ensemble, just doesn't look right.
Ceal666's avatar
lol! Trust me, I'm a doctor....this show rocks!!!! awesome art =)
griffindragon's avatar
10th Doctor > 11th doctor.
Madiswain's avatar

so freaking awesome!!!!!

where do you want to start?
Madiswain's avatar
also yes!!! see? I told you that you eventually warm up to matt <333
ArtsyGoatAlan's avatar
...In a tiny blue box~

Hurray! :dummy: Well I'm not at all unhappy with the Doctor Who inbox spam! XD Keep it coming!
sugarpoultry's avatar
The spam shall indeed continue... ALONS-Y!
ArtsyGoatAlan's avatar
hurray! :dummy: ALONS-Y!
Obliesk's avatar
Beautiful work
This is cool : )
DivineROAR's avatar
thiagleera's avatar
This is amazing! Even if I didn't absolutely love Doctor Who I would still say this art work is incredible!
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