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Cosmic Balance: Rabbit 2

Another new piece for Cosmic Balance knocked out in a day. I would have loved to do more to this (like make the spear less generic and add more detail/fungus) but I fear my computer of well over a decade is about to kick the can for good. Every couple minutes photoshop freezes up and beachballs for about 20 seconds, making it incredibly difficult to get into any sort of production rhythm. I'm hoping this is some sort of one time technical fluke but I'm not counting on it.

The environment itself is vaguely inspired by the pre-rendered/ hand painted backgrounds from the Hydra Swamp levels from the PS1 game Chrono Cross. I ended up buying that game at a young age and the beautiful backgrounds and immersive environments was and still remains as one of my biggest motivations for wanting to learn how to paint.
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I love Chrono Cross!
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Agreed! Great game with great art! I'd love to play it through in its entirety someday but don't have the time these days, RPGs are so long.