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Cosmic Balance: Fisherwoman

More Cosmic Balance stuff, another one I like enough to post by itself. I love painting rotting, abandoned stuff near water and mossy things so this was fun. Really I love painting stuff with a lot of details in general, it's a very hypnotic and rewarding process.

This character probably takes a little canoe (not pictured because i need to move onto the next piece) around many collapsed docks areas to fish and relax throughout the day. I didn't have it in mind when I did the sketch for this, but retroactively I remember going to the Salton sea when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old and seeing a partially collapsed dock out far out in the middle of the lake and thinking it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I have no idea if it's still there. An aunt of mine also owned a piece of property in Nebraska that had a lake on it with many dead trees and abandoned cars that would break the surface of the water that birds would nest in and fish would swim through. I remember sitting on the roof of some rusty 50s car (whilst the rest was entirely submerged in water), and examining the fully preserved nymph skins that the dragonflies would leave behind when they shed and turned into full grown adults. This is all sort of a tangent but I guess what I'm trying to say is just that i think things being reclaimed by water are very beautiful.  (tldr: water good)
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your art is very nice, life everywhere. don't mind me , i just draw gay popular stuff. i do want to know though, do you have a twitter?
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Thanks man! Neat work! Drawing stuff that already exists is cool too, nothing wrong with that. This is art I was paid to do so I don't see it really as any better or worse. And I don't have a twitter, but thanks for the interest. Any particular reason? I just find the majority of social media sorta gross.
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thanks,  social media IS disgusting, i was asking for twitter because it's really easy for me to see art of people i follow, i don't follow a lot so my feed doesn't get flooded. but it's allright, i'll keep an eye here 
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Ah that makes sense, thanks for caring. When you phrase it like that it almost sounds appealing. I may snag one a twitter at some point, going down with the sinking ship of deviantart is probably not a great idea long term.
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Yeah that dock is really awesome! I love the colors in it a lot. Its funny since at first glance a person would say its just green...but look closer and you see orange, pinks, purples, blues...its what brings that old mossy decay to LIFE haha. I too have an old dock story...I was in Hawaii and swimming the beach looking for fishes with my water goggles and couldn't find one fish! Then I glanced to the far side of the beach and saw an old broken piece of dock (no longer in use). I swam over there and looked under water and BAM a million tropical fish all hanging out under its shade :D The only bad thing in this story was there was a tiny hot pink jelly fish under there (it was about the size of a marshmallow!) and it stung my leg like a burning hot iron! It wasn't poisonous but damn did that little buster hurt. NaNoEmo day 29 - Ow!  At the least the dock brought the fish views hah
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Thanks comick! It's always fun to modulate between as many colors as possible, messing with color and texture is definitely my favorite thing when it comes to painting so it's cool when people notice. I Dig your dock story, (I wish everyone had a dock story) it makes sense that they would all be chilling in the shade. It sucks that you got stung, but even that's a story. Hopefully you got some good mental snapshots for the trouble. Much better than staying in the hotel on the complementary wifi.
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Fuck worms, fish loves chicken
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This got a good laugh. I thought of and added the piece of chicken as an afterthought at the very end, I actually forgot there's already a can of worms on the dock. Maybe it was some leftovers from lunch or something.
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