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UPDATE: Sorry I poofed for dinner!  Here's a new link to come join me at:

Join me :D
I'll be finishing a couple banner requests and maybe editing some photos real quick (:

I promise I don't bite...
Hi everyone!
After a long extended hiatus due to the CRAZINESS of senior year, I'm finally back online stalking people on dA and Neo thanks to Thomas 
I've missed you all (or well those of you who even remember me - if you don't, HI I'M ALIA)

I'll probably be updating my sites soon, but in the mean time, I think I'll be devoting more of my dA space to photography :D

WARNING: Shameless advertising
- Here's my instagram if you guys want to check out ma photographs :blush:

Looked back around at some old sites while listening to the theme from Howl's Moving Castle..
I cried.. on the inside ;-;

Just a spontaneous journal entry ~
How have you guys been? (:
I don't know if you guys would want to even read this, but I'm just writing down some of my thoughts after a recent squabble I had with a requestee.
It's funny how different people are to me when they request banners.
I've been running sites for quite a while, and it just dawned on me on how appreciative, and the latter, that people can be; and also how much I miss the good old days when the site community was bustling.

I opened up requests recently for A Melody, and today I noticed 3 different requesters in particular.

The first requester I received asked how she could pay for a request, and then followed that up with an apology in case she had missed it in the rules section.
 For some reason, this brought a smile to my face. I don't know whether it was because I had been on the computer too long and needed a snack break, or because of the nostalgia and gratitude it brought back for me when new members would be asking this question pretty frequently.

The next requester was the opposite to this one. She had a perfectly filled out form, almost like a dream for some graphic makers, and gave me every specific I needed to make her the perfect banner. It was almost to perfect... in fact.. it wasn't. She had left the "Tempo" section blank, which I ask people to fill out with the word "Moderato" if they had read the rules section. I denied her form and promptly gave her a link, telling her to re-read the rules and then resubmit the form.
She then responded with: "Umm, okay. It would be easier if you just told me. Thanks."
I answered to that: "If you re-read the rules, you should be able to see what you did wrong. I don't think I'm asking much by asking you to read a rules section that takes a minute or two to read?"

^Seriously, it really only takes two minutes at the most to read through my rules section, and most people would just go back and take a simple skim to see what that missed, but she responded:
"Geeze. You're really taking this way too seriously. Never mind."

-sigh- Anyways, I explained to her what she did wrong, and she eventually did apologize, but I must say how disappointed I felt after having to explain to her through multiple neomails about what she did wrong.
SERIOUSLY. The rules are there for a reason, not because I'm trying to trick people into getting their request rejected.

The last requester for today was different from the others, and thankfully, she was like a breath of fresh air.  She had mailed me asking for suggestions on a banner request she had in mind, and I gave her a couple quick suggestions, then accepted her request.
She later mailed me saying:

"Great! I'm so glad you're doing the banner, because I know what ever design you decide to go with, will turn out Amazing

(& also I'm not just saying all this, I really do believe it  because I feel that when a person likes what they do, it always makes their work more beautiful  & that's why when I see how pretty your prev. banners are, I can tell that you've really put a lot of hard work into them  & you deserve to have not just the credit, but the sincere thanks of everyone who will benefit from your labor of love  So in advance -& on behalf of my entire guild- THANK You !!!)"

Wow.  What a difference huh?  Well it's people like her who make me smile, and keep me addicted to that crazy site.
It's not that I haven't had awesome comments from other people, but hers just made me smile the most after a long day.  And she went on to say she'd stalk my updates list, which made me every more happy heh :D

Anyways, if you stuck through all of this, thanks for reading my thoughts haha :dummy:
Have you had similar "aha" or "oh my" situations in one day after sorting through multiple requests?

Hope you all had a Happy 4th, if you celebrated, by the way! (And if you didn't, I hope your day was splendid anyways ;))
The amazing sosuftw is having a Kiriban for reaching 20,000 views!  He has amazing graphics that never cease to amaze me everytime I come across them.  Go checkout his work and fantastic coding skillzz, and maybe enter in the Kiriban yourself?  (

Your name + username at neo: Alia | alialamb
⌘ What are you requesting: Userlookup
⌘ Images + text: Bokeh Texturey with Kacheeks or Babaas (hehe get it? because they look like lambs :laughing:)

(If you change your mind, I'd love a Pooh Bear themed UL)

Main Text: Alia's Userlookup
Subtext / Quote:
“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
“Some people care too much. I think it's called love.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

⌘ Explain me how you want it:
^ Something similar to how you did Abys!

⌘ Anything else: Thanks for this amazing oppurtunity <3
Congratulations on (almost) getting to 20,000 views! Your work keeps getting better and better everytime I see it!
Hi everyone!
I've recently decided to start working on doing pixel commissions in order to add in a few more points to my stash.
Since I've just started pixeling, I'm offering my pixel icons for:

- 20 :points:  |  Pixel Icon with your choice of outfit
- +5 extra :points:  |  Add blinking animation
- +2 extra :points:  | Add an accessory for the character to hold

Currently my icons are really cheap because I'm working on improving my style, and getting better at drawing the eyes, shading, and making a better pixel base.

Some examples of my icons are:

Icon Trade with Skelters by sugarnote (C) Brittany Williams Icon by sugarnote (C) Tate Icon by sugarnote (C) Sassy Spencer Icon by sugarnote Pixel Icon by sugarnote (C) Fairy Icon by sugarnote

You can pay by donating your points to the donation pool here

Please note me or comment if you're interested in purchasing an icon.
Just leave your OC reference bellow, and with your name and any extra details you'd like to add.

I'm open to doing pixel icon trades as well!
Thanks for looking I am a dummy!
Hi guys! If most of you hadn't noticed, I've had my little "hair bow" commissions on my page for a while now, and I'm thinking of starting my own store on Etsy.
The only problem is, I can't think of a perfect store name

I thought Bowtique would be perfect, but there are multiple names that I tried that are already taken.
I'm thinking of going with the names:

-Subtle Crafts
-Subtle Bows
-Bonny Bows
-Bountiful Bows

Do you have any suggestions/preferences or any other name ideas for a cute store name?
As of right now, I'm thinking about only selling hair bows, but I don't know if I might be selling jewelry later.
:dummy: Thanks in advance :nuu:

EDIT: I've chosen the name!  I chose to name my store *drumroll*
La Bonne Bowtique

Thank you for those who left suggestions and helped me decide.
If you're ever interested in ordering one from me through etsy, don't hesitate to note me :D
Sooo I've had my tumblr account sitting and collecting dust for a while now, and want to actually start using it x)
But I have no idea what to do and where to start

If all you tumblers (that's what you guys are called right?) out there could help me, I would be so happyyy :squee:
Here's my account:

And how do I know if someone follows meee? (is it called following? I feel so clueless)
Well, I apparently exceeded bandwidth on photobucket, so I apologize for anyone who's currently using my stuff!
Thankfully, I checked the day I joined, and it say's I started my account on March 3rd, 2011; meaning that everything should be back up by tomorrow, or wednesday at the latest.

On that note, does anyone have any recommendations of image sites to use/ that you upload your stuff on?
Thomas told me about Imageshack, but is there any others that you guys prefer?

Thanks for the help :D
"You have received an official warning from the Neopets Team for violating the Neopets Terms and Conditions. Do not request nor give out pages that contain your picture or any other personally identifiable information! For your own safety, please don't tell anyone ANY social networking website info, your instant messenger screen name, or e-mail address. Your user lookup has been cleared.

If you continue to break the rules, your account will be permanently frozen. To see a list of Neo Rules, please visit…. Please do not reply to this NeoMessage."

I guess I should have known this one was coming, because a lot of people have been getting stuff on mentioning dA in anyway
As usual, I forgot to save my userlookup's coding, so I had to redo it :facepalm:

I don't like to end on a sour note on these journals~ so on the plus side, the Seahawks won today 
P.S. Sorry for the scare Emma :blush:
I was recently just playing around with the idea of taking still life photography, and thought I'd have a go!
I really liked how this photo turned out, and I'd like to see if you guys can guess what the blue thing in the picture is:

I'm not sure if it's a bit too easy to guess, but I'll giveaway a custom banner to anyone who guesses it (feel free to just guess for the fun of it)
I'll send you a note if you guess correctly.

Check out my instagram for more pictures like this: 
Making some premade banner bases for A Melody!
Will hopefully get A Melody up and running again once I get a new layout 
Come a chat with me will ya (; ?

Listening to some warm cozy Michael Buble songs~ 

I am currently: OFFLINE
Update: Managed to make a set of 9 banner bases! Took quite awhile to find ones that I liked ~

Going to try to immitate some typography pieces that I reeeeally liked!
Hopefully it'll somehow come together?

If not, I'll still have fun :p

^Join me if you'd like^

Hey guys!
I haven't been very inspired to make new banners very much, as school work and life outside have been busying up my schedule. I would love if you guys wanted to leave a little request if you'd like a banner made (:
If I get under 3 requests, I'll probably just do them all :D

I'll be posting requests on here, and on my site Everyday Quotes with the requester's name posted somewhere!
If you'd like to request, just leave your: 

-An Image/Description of image that goes with the quote

Thanks for reading! 

On a side note, I'm so excited for the new fall and winter cozy fashion! 
Layer's here I come <3
Streaming again~!
Hopefully I'll have a couple viewers this time :blush:
Hope to see you guys there :D
Have a minute to spare?
Not just satisfied with my banners?

I offer cute little fashion OOTD's, DIYs, and other posts on my new blog (:
Come check it out! I promise it doesn't bite :D

So I finally did it! I added in commissions for hairbows ( wondering if I'll get any attention??)
The site world is getting a bit slow though, so I'm thinking of putting my sites on hiatus?

Honestly, the only site I'm updating right now is Everyday Quotes.
Filling requests for others really just isn't that fun anymore :(

How have you all been?

Can't decide which background fits Everyday Quotes! ?
Help me out?

Maybe making some premade banners as well c:
Going to be streaming a couple shield requests and a banner request
Maybe some premades for everyday  quotes or instagram too :o

Come join me! c:

Will be a short stream though :c

**EDIT: Well I guess I was streaming at a really bad time :lol:
I'll probably do another sometime in the evening today, or sometime tomorrow!
On the plus side, I completed a shield request :D

I'm planning to do a stream this Saturday at around 12:30NST time
If you think you'll be able to make it, leave a comment (:

Or just show up if you'd like to see a request done
~NOTE: Not 100% sure if I'll have time, but will definetly try for it!
I'm new to this streaming stuff.. so sorry if I do something weird or DC (IDK)