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Blue Fireball BG by SugarMoonWitch Blue Fireball BG by SugarMoonWitch
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WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018
Why I added this and the yellow and orange fire ball to my favorites is, for one thing, I find it interesting that although most fires are yellow or orange, sometimes they're blue, at least in fernaces and on gas stoves, which I have where I live (and gas stoves scared me, but now I have a handle on them and they cook food faster than electric stoves.)

But there's something else that interests me about some fires. At some refineries and other industrial places, like for example the Steel Mills in Gary, Indiana, where I'm from, there's this smoke-stack like object that has fire lit, let's say, it's kind of like a giant candle, let's put it that way, that's the best way I can describe it.

Now concerning that fire, during the day it is yellow, and sometimes it still is at night. But, on some other nights if lit, that same fire is blue.

What I cannot understand is why is that fire yellow during the day but blue at night, although it's yellow on some nights? Does it have anything to do with the climate, the wind, outside temperatures? Okay never mind what I said about climate, but I am dead curious about why some fires are like that, yellow during the day but blue at night.

I also saw this while riding Amtrak between Chicago and Washington D.C. (Amtrak's Cardinal…). I forget which state we were travelling through, must have been in western West Virginia or Ohio, likely east of Cincinatti but I only saw that place at night. The first time I saw it the fire was blue, but years later and also at night, it was yellow. Another clue, there's an even bigger fire next to it and both times it was yellow, I never saw it blue.

You may not know this answer, and I may have to raise this question in a journal or do artwork of what I'm trying to say.

But yellow fire and blue fire seems quite interesting (when it's not hurting anyone or anything!)
SugarMoonWitch Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know about the Cardinal here in Ohio, it's not far from where I am. It does burn yellow at night! For years , though, the fires in this particular area of the Ohio area ( where it meets the border with west virginia - ) , trains would see a lot of industrial plants when passing by, as we have a lot of Steel mills, not just the nuclear Cardinal plant. The reason why some fires are blue and some are yellow, are the different plants burn different materials from what I understand from people I know personally who've worked there. 
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