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Loved this movie so much <3 


Please do not use, edit, or repost my artwork without permission.

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thank you so so much. THis is really beautiful! I love that movie.

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My favourite animated film of all time
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this movie made me cry my eyes out, and this art just made me start crying XD IT SO BEAUTIFUL
The art is so beautiful! I really liked the movie. It’s in de cinemas in the Netherlands right now.
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I loved this movie too.!! your rendition is just beautiful. can I use this as my phone background? :o 
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I have yet to watch the movie but I definitely plan to get the blu-ray when it comes out in July :la: Gorgeous colors as always and it's such a lovely tribute~
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Beautiful ! ;A; I like the colors ! Very nice job ! :dummy:
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wow this is so amazing!!
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it was so good! beautiful art btw
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The movie was much better than I expected. Very heartwarming. And a person who had been bullied, it was also an interesting movie that made me think about the bullies for the first time; how they might have been felt suffocated because of the guilt afterwards, and how they might have viewed things. Not saying that I condone the bullying, especially if they don't feel about what they did but still, it was enlightening. 
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Ooh whats this? Su purty x)))))
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So magical and beautiful ;w;. I always love how you paint your skies <3.
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Absolutely and magically gorgeous. 
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Those d e t a i l s
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This is very beautiful :heart:
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Mesmerising, I was looking for your style of work for a while and I'm glad this showed up on my front page 😁
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The blending of the is absolutely stunning.
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Absolutely beautiful. I still need to see this!
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