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celestial aquarium.

Always wanted to see fish in space.


Please do not use, edit, or repost my artwork without permission.

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© 2016 - 2021 sugarmints
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Can i use it? I will give credit to u

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so pretty <333
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The bubble is perfect! Love it!
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Beautiful! It's a big fish bubble drifting amongst the stars :heart:
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So beautiful :heart: I wish you had these as bigger prints. Well I'm contemplating on buying some from your etsy store X)
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That's so beautiful, omg ;w;
I love your art, seriously.
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ah thank you so much! 
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The fish is space look really happy to be there. But really, it's a well done work!
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gorgeous! no words to describe the scale of this work's beauty
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Oh my, this is absolutely incredible!
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These pieces give me a sensation that no other art piece gives me... it's breathtaking
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I love the way that bubble looks in the sky! It's hard to explain, but I like how it's outlined and how the brush strokes look :la:
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Or maybe...a bunch of No-Faces! 
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You're one of my favorite artists, thank you for inspiring me with your work
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Thank you so much :') I'm happy to be able to! 
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Your art is just so amazing!
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Thank you!! <33 
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Lovely idea and outcome! :D
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Thank you so much! 
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