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To Another World



So, this is definitely different from my usual works. But it was a challenge and I enjoyed making it! :heart:

I had this idea in my head, and I really wanted to try it out. I'm sure there are still some mistakes with the lighting. Like the ground should probably be lighter. But I think it came out well.

Now about my idea, I wanted a woman, obviously from the past, stumbling upon something that she shouldn't be seeing. A new world - hidden from the rest. And I wanted this surge of power coming up from one of the towers. She holds up her lantern (even though it's already light, I just believe someone from her time would do so) and looks upon this world she found. And I found the perfect stock for it!

Oh, and I drew a dress on the stock model, so hopefully it looks ok!

Long explanation, sorry xD

Stock Used:
:iconarchetype-stock: Model [link]
:iconlittle-stock: Background [link]
:iconb-squaredstock: Sky [link]
:iconrevelation-stock: City [link]
:iconsuperiorgamer: Planet [link]
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It's beautifull :)