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I thought I could take a chance, you see... Gamble away my whole life, this heart, my worth. But, I am just not willing to place a bet on yours, so why would you then, still, gamble on me?
Sharing Nothing
I am not sure I recognize you anymore.   You’ve become my stranger.  You don’t even know me. We’re strangers, living together. Sharing a laugh.  Sharing a bed.  Sharing our vengeance. I don’t even know you anymore. I’ve become your stranger.  You can’t even recognize me. We’re strangers, being together. Sharing a cry.  Sharing a dream.  Fighting for a future. We’re not sure, not positive about anything, not secure about each other.  Not secure with ourselves. We’re strangers, fighting together. Sharing a word
knock me
the silence screams drowning out the lost words this midnight hour has taken all my life can't you see, how this is simply killing me? I can't help you find what you're looking for I don't have the strength to help you find what you think just might be, the perfect answer, You're tripping over me but I'm the one who falls and these scraped knees hurt almost more than the words you choose to callously throw. When you lose yourself, and you've pushed me far, when you've squeezed the life from my grieving hearrt, who other than I would save your soul? Don't forget who exactly you're knocking down. Time heals wounds, but these scars
hate me
Sometimes, I wish I could make you hate me; Cause it would make this so much easier. I wish you weren't so easily blinded by a light that doesn't even shine, because what you simply find in life I cannot find a breath within. Sometimes, I wish I could make you stronger without dissecting your every weakness. I wish you weren't so easily caught to fall so hard into arms that were never ready to catch. Sometimes, I wish you weren't so naively innocent; cause it would make this so much easier if you could finally see the reason to hate me.
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I thought I could take a chance, you see... Gamble away my whole life, this heart, my worth. But, I am just not willing to place a bet on yours, so why would you then, still, gamble on me?
In Our World
I find in you all that I need; you grow in my heart, you've planted your seed. I cherish your breath.. I can feel your heartbeat, I love you so much, I adore your soft kiss, your every word, bitter or sweet. I'm lost in our world, it's heavenly bliss.. Can it be true?  Does this really exist? Nothing is perfect.. but I wouldn't trade this. To be without you, there's too much I would miss.
God Sent You From Above
I find myself lost in a world, my dreams and my hopes finally unfurled. As I look in your face I see a new light, and then I know that it's all allright. I see in your eyes all that I need, then no longer am I troubled and worried. Under your touch I don't want to escape, within your voice my love starts to undrape. I taste your words and I breath your breath; all of my sorrows have no reached their death. I see through your face deep into your soul, over my heart you've got tight control. Into your ears I whisper my sorrows.. only to you my whole life I expose. And through the air a new joy has arose, out from my heart pours a
Your Son
I never cared about shootings, or if another person died, I would brush it off, and shove it to the side. Gangs are all around me, but I never really cared, they are always fighting, but never once did I feel scared. It bothers you a little to hear another person's gone.. But it never hits you fullest, 'til you find it's your own son...
All the When and so Much More
All The Whens and so Much More When my eyes shed more tears than there was rain outside, when it was time for truth yet instead I lied, when through good and bad when I couldn't hide, when I was lone with pain trapped inside, when all was lost and I had not one drop of pride, when there was no escape and I felt my soul was tied, when to your rules I had not abide, When all the times I was stiff with fear, when I thought my cries no one would hear, when every night I shed a tear, when life seemed like one big nightmare, when I was stuck in second gear, when all the times no human was here, when through my life I hadn't been so sh
Strong Inside
If love does not exist, then tell me what is this?   All within a kiss, is filled with heavenly bliss.   To look into your eyes, is to watch a heaven rise.   Like an angel on my back, you watch me and protect.   Yesterday forget, today I'm here with you, today's a brand new view.. as I'm staring into you. If love is nothing real, then tell me what I feel.   All within a second, my heart is fully taken, and held within your hand, is everything I now am.   I love you by my side or infront of not behind.   Inside of you I find, everything I hide, my lover and my pride.. you keep me strong inside.
Nothing at all
The emptiness of life - has attached itself to me, my mind can barely handle - this site it has to see, and when I'm bound with chains - how can my soul fly free? How can I replace this pain - when I have nothing at all? And how can I be helped - when I have no voice to call? I can't see my future - because it's locked behind this wall.. there is no escape - there is no floor to crawl. How can I look up - when I'm steady on the fall? Why do I even try - when my life knows no success? All the traumas of my life - build upon my chest, the feeling that it brings - i sfar more worse then stress. My life itself has nothing -
Deep beneath the smiles there's a sadness going wild. Deep beneath the lies, a young girl slowly dies. Deep beneath the face, there's a mind going to waist. Deep beneath the hope, there's no more ways to cope; and beneath my final breath, out comes bitter death.


Without limits
We all project our thought beams lightfocused heavyidea'd whimusical lingoladen bouncing, bursting, babbling and sometimes never reaching a reception or, not the kind we want to get. I never worry about that, with you - when we attuned, we found in each other perfect antennas locked to our wavelengths, always switched on laughing at what might or mightn't be funny to some but we know it is and we always sense the smile behind it all. Signal, and I'll always respond dotdash or dit, analog, digital, text or voicepattern they will all be received in kind and you will get a response one that is full of the very me that I can be. I
Prisoner of my own
-because we share life-
If you seek Amy
The wheel
When it all goes, I'll already be gone when I'm just leaving, I'll have already left when the times change, I'll have changed times when this life ends, I'll have endless life Circled within within looping into a start coming back to the point of choice beginning again When you find it, it's not needing to be found when the sense comes, you've come to your senses when the hurdle's jumped, you can start jumping hurdles when a love's lost, it's time to lose at love circled within withn looping into a start coming back to the point of choice beginning again When I find truth, I truthfully find when When I know peace, peace knows
This Used To Be My Playground
day and night


Carry... rage on.
Only a gash so deep could leave me this broken in two. Oh, how easily rendered in three, how easily I am tore when eyes are opened and minds slowly become aware of this battle they are fighting, and of who began this war... blinded by a metamorphoses, affected rudely by apperception love and hate become mixed as smiles transform into salty tears. And the battle will rage on... because neither can, ever, win; yes this battle rage on...  just like it has for years because neither can, ever, compare.. (or ever will they dare.)

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Questions go unanswered unfold the next day
It's not OK to ask me and always expect the perfect answer.  It's not OK to ask you and never even receive a reply.  You're silent, you're cold, leaving me bitter and angry.  Only you can leave me speechless without so much as silence to prove it.  I can't always snap to your ways if you can never bend for mine.  Why must I feel like everything I say to you is too much and everything I feel is irrelevant?  Why must I suffocate in your silence to drown in nothing the next day?  Why must everything be convenient to you but never a good time for me?  When did it stop being about us and start being strictly about you?  When did we stop being one,
I always say: don't be afraid to catch whatever life throws at you... dont be afraid to be your own coach. But it's not always possible to see the ball. You don't always have the experience to coach. And who isn't afraid?

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