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I thought I could take a chance, you see...
Gamble away my whole life, this heart, my worth.
But, I am just not willing to place a bet on yours,
so why would you then, still, gamble on me?
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Sharing Nothing
I am not sure I recognize you anymore.  
You’ve become my stranger.  You don’t even know me.
We’re strangers, living together.
Sharing a laugh.  Sharing a bed.  Sharing our vengeance.
I don’t even know you anymore.
I’ve become your stranger.  You can’t even recognize me.
We’re strangers, being together.
Sharing a cry.  Sharing a dream.  Fighting for a future.
We’re not sure, not positive about anything,
not secure about each other.  Not secure with ourselves.
We’re strangers, fighting together.
Sharing a word.  Sharing a moment.  Sharing importance.
You’ve become my victim, and I, your reason.
To  share a yell.  To  share a thought.  But we share nothing.
We’re strangers, strangling each other.
Sharing a home.  Sharing emotion.  Sharing a war.
I am your victim, and you, my r
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knock me
the silence screams drowning out the lost words
this midnight hour has taken all my life
can't you see, how this is simply killing me?
I can't help you find what you're looking for
I don't have the strength to help you find
what you think just might be, the perfect answer,
You're tripping over me but I'm the one who falls
and these scraped knees hurt almost more
than the words you choose to callously throw.
When you lose yourself, and you've pushed me far,
when you've squeezed the life from my grieving hearrt,
who other than I would save your soul?
Don't forget who exactly you're knocking down.
Time heals wounds, but these scars are forever.
:iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 3
hate me
Sometimes, I wish I could make you hate me;
Cause it would make this so much easier.
I wish you weren't so easily blinded
by a light that doesn't even shine,
because what you simply find in life
I cannot find a breath within.
Sometimes, I wish I could make you stronger
without dissecting your every weakness.
I wish you weren't so easily caught to fall so hard
into arms that were never ready to catch.
Sometimes, I wish you weren't so naively innocent;
cause it would make this so much easier
if you could finally see the reason to hate me.
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Mature content
Break me.. :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 1
Mature content
oh, but it is :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 0
Mature content
Shut the fuck up :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 0
Botanical garden 4 by sugarcube886 Botanical garden 4 :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 1 0 Botanical garden 3 by sugarcube886 Botanical garden 3 :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 0 Botanical garden 2 by sugarcube886 Botanical garden 2 :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 0 Botanical garden 1 by sugarcube886 Botanical garden 1 :iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 1 2
you were always worried about something, but tried to hide it so well, it was always the end of something, and you never could just let it come... it was always the worst of something, you always seemed so stressed, you were quick to be angry, quick to be right, I wonder if youll ever find what is wrong, you were everything i thought i could fix leaving me wonder why i feel broken, i could never understand you and dont remember when i stopped trying. you were quick to push somebody right after taking their hand, you were too "calm" to just let it go. you never could just be there was always something more, you were always looking for something and had these crazy plans, you were always dreaming up something that I could just never understand, but i never put you down, you were always confused but i never thought you were crazy, you were always running always quick to fly but never could quite free fall, now im wondering why everything seems to fall into place a little too late but one
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You are my
You Are My...
You are my pill, my addiction, my drug, my cure
You are my fight, my cause, my purpose, my answer
You are my peace, my tear, my smile, my breath
You are my whole, my half, my deep inner self
You are my today, my yesterday, my hope for tomorrow
You are the piece, the part, the heart in my chest
You are the pulse in my viens, the color in my eyes
You are my speed, my strength, the wings which i fly
You are my paper, my pen, the story i write
You are my thought, my voice, the heat on my skin
You are my dream, my reality...You are my reason in life
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Sort this mess
I try to sort this mess out, try to put the pieces back together. If thats even possible, I've never done harder. A task that just shatters me, completely and utterly. A story so tragic, could have been prevented, but my heart saw the treasure, so in the end, my mind paid the punishment. Now my heart does too....I have completely fell through.
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I was shaking uncontrollably & I was weak and I was fragile.
Everything is smeared & the world is soggy above my tears;
The whole world is falling down, my world is under siege.
I’m staring in the mirror & though I recognize the face
I don’t recognize the person or the voice that asks for help.
I’m alone and my words echo, then bounce around my head.
When did I become this?  When did I lose myself?
Why do I feel sick & nauseous, why can’t I be happy?
Why can’t I relax, why is my back and shoulders tense?
Why can’t I stop thinking about things that don’t even make sense…?
This is irrational, illogical… and worse it’s so familiar.
Anxiety: let me be, set me free & let me breathe.
Let me leave this place that has somehow taken me far under.
I want to be my friend… not my own worst enemy…
:iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 0 3
step back, watch me cry
cause really, Im laughing on the inside...
look me in the eyes,
tell me all the things I need
even if it's really lies,
step back, watch us die
cause really, we never had the life
reach out for my hand
when she's no where by your side,
rip open my heart please
and pour out the insides
cause it's funny when I bleed
and it's funny when you push me
you smile at scraped knees.
step back, shove me down
cause really, it doesn't hurt as though it seems,
take away my pride
cause it's nothing that I need,
try to take away my smile
cause really, I'm laughing on the inside,
and I'm not as weak as though it seems.
take away my denial
replace it with anguished bliss
step back, watch my smile
cause really, I'm crying on the inside
drowning in silent tears
you pretend you cannot hear.
:iconsugarcube886:sugarcube886 1 2

Random Favourites

Hopeless Romantic
This mood in which the music plays and romance rises and collides
Crosses my thoughts into my worst nightmares and perfect dreams
In one moment she’s letting go of his hand and he’s fading
And in the next picture he’s naming her a star and carrying her heart
Kissing her and closing his eyes to his own nightmare; her dying
I can feel every beat of their hearts; as it slows, as it speeds
It’s like a matched reality in which their emotion converts to mine
And as I shed my tears for a feeling so profound, I keep it in me forever
Lists of reasons alter the thinking in my mind, the way I see my life
Simple actions become the cornerstones of my memories
As gold, silver, and everything else of value turns to dust
Through all of the pictures that capture the heartache in my eyes
Through all of the moments that break me from being strong
I’ve found that my heart’s moved by compassion and touched like glass
:iconfallingbelow:fallingbelow 4 8
Eastpak Work by spokeart Eastpak Work :iconspokeart:spokeart 5 10 Carciphona - Too Late by shilin Carciphona - Too Late :iconshilin:shilin 60,791 5,070 The Monarchs by cosmosue The Monarchs :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 3,604 605
Sweet facade
Say it the way you always did
fill your words with bitterness
look at me with that nowhere stare
tease me with that almost kiss
I recall the pain you brought
I dealt with your venom tongue
words you used to say to me
cut me deep when day was done
Did you ever love me, girl?
did you hear affection's call?
did you think so little of
a man who would have given all?
When the night is bitter still
when the air has ceased to breathe
that is when I think of you
that is when I can't believe.
Beauty wasted on your face
Loving arms you'll never own
underneath the sweet facade
there's a girl who's quite alone.
:iconx-outsider-x:x-outsider-x 8 20
To Be
To be honest
I’m nervous and shaking
Sweating and over thinking
Your eyes have got me captivated
As in my dreams this vision is repeated
Your hair floating strand by strand
Through the empty cracks of my hand
To be truthful
I’m not thinking of running
Instead I’m thinking in depth of staying
Uncontrollably I’m suggesting the next move
Fighting so hard to slip out of this grove
You’re showing both signs of knowing and ignorance
But in either light the smiles on your face
To be protective
I’m hiding most of what I feel
The motions are too great for this time to steal
And though I know how real it is
I’m afraid to break the words with a kiss
To be complete
I’m holding onto little things you’ve said
Replaying seconds over in my head
Constructing a heart of truths and guarantees
And in this sanctuary I find myself creating movies
You seem to stare right through me
Uncovering everything I secure immediately
Now that I’m unlocked and before yo
:iconfallingbelow:fallingbelow 4 11
he lies curled,
in crumpled linen
listening to her speak
          of a time
when she still felt alive
this was a mistake
          she had said
in a tone, dull and numbed:
the swings, at midnight,
of favored movie scenes;
the cheating, stolen kiss
and 3 a.m. drives.
this was a mistake
          to continue
what shouldn't have started.
he blocks out the words,
          her voice,
and concentrates on her lips
the loss of innocence,
          their lies,
plans and promises shattered
this was a mistake
:iconphoenixtx:phoenixtx 20 15
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untouchable... ?
United States
Favourite genre of music: I like almost all types of music- could never get into classical though.
Favourite style of art: abstract
Skin of choice: Mine :-P
Favourite cartoon character: pluto!
Personal Quote: If God brings me to it, He'll bring me through it.
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