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Pikachu convertible ski mask

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lol i'm soooo unphotogenic ><

well it's getting cold and i wanted a ski mask, and i like pokemon so this is what you get when you combine all of the above.

i MIGHT make the base pattern for the ski mask available for free, but i think it might be worthy of selling, so what do you think is a fair price for a pattern?

took about 12 hours? i dunno

i've noticed some of my stuff has been copied from images when i didn't provide a pattern, and it bugs me that they didn't ask permission :( when i don't provide a pattern, it means i kinda want it to be one of a kind. i'm gonna make a journal to clear things up.

also if you wanna post the image in a blog or something, please ask and link me to the blog :)

Pikachu is copyright of the pokemon company and Bandai and Nintendo!

this has blown up on the intarwebz! I googled myself read some comments, there is some clarification needed.

i have other suggestions for masks and will work on those.

no i will not use this mask for crime or fetish lol.


i've made the base pattern available here for free as a gift to the internet.

when i was starting out, i used a lot of free patterns from the internet, and now i can make my own. if you know how to crochet, you can use this and a little imagination to make your own masks. i'd like to see them when you make them, so please link me :)
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BunBun-The-BunnyHobbyist General Artist
What the H E C C
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I'm very late to this post but the link for the pattern doesn't work. If you could update it that would be awesome, if not, I would like to purchase one from you very much!! My email is Thank you!
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I would love to buy a mask or to get the pattern - please let me know how to reach you!  :)
Cheers from Amsterdam
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IssakandIngeHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg why is it ao terrifying when pulled down
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l-Scar-lHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ski mask? More like Heist mask lol
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can i buy one off you? PLEASE
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jayque68's avatar can I please buy one ASAP?
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Can I have/buy the pattern? The link is down.
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I'm interested in this pattern. Please contact me at
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hello I am very interested in buying one of these - please email me on
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Hi I would like to buy one for my cosplay, contact me via please :3 and thank you.
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hey I am interested in getting two of those :o email me
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XxozzybrookexXHobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank you for the pattern im so making this for my brother!
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please may you get in contact with me want to buy one will pay what u want thats my email asap and i will send you the money via paypal or bank 
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ViolaZierauHobbyist Digital Artist
I imagine Serial Killers and Bank Robbers to wear something like this
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hello I am very interested in buying one of these - please email me on
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dec8765Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello, I want to buy one.

Contact me at:
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Hello, I want to buy one.

Contact me at:
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TickleMeHoHoHobbyist General Artist
I would totally rob a bank with that!
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If you would be willing to sell one please email me
Breezemantana's avatar
Can I please please please please PLEASE BUY one of these !!!!
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Hello. I would like to buy one of those. I will be happy to pay you for that. The pattern isn't also available, anyone have it?

Well, my email is Thank you!3 
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