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Hello everypony and welcome to SugarCoatedPonies!
A Little about the species: Sugar Coated's are a special species of ponies that are made out of sweets! They are also a species that are naturally in the world but a normal pony can turn into them. You can do that by eating one of the pony's treats, but whatever treat you eat is what you turn into. Ex: If you eat a sugar cookie then you turn into a Sugar Coated, Anything Chocolate you turn into a Chocolate Coated, and anything with fruit then a Fruit Coated. (I have a journal saying what all of the different one looks like)

If you join then you have full rights to make adoptables but you have to mention that I am the creator of the species. They are a open species where you can use however you like but I would appreciate it if you joined in on group activities. I will hold contests and raffles and anything else I can think of. This is a safe community where you can be however you want but please no cursing or inappropriate comments or I will have to make you leave the group.

This is just supposed to be a safe and fun space for everyone! So please go out and draw your charactors doing whatever, make journals about their lives, make roleplays to get to meet other SCP's, and have fun!

~Thank you so much!


Just saying for all of ya'll who made ponies before this it is okay you don't have to change anything it is my fault for not explaining how they look.

There are no common, uncommon, rare or extremely rare versions just whatever you make.

Turned Sugar Coated OCs: These are ponies that turned from a normal pony to a SCP. They look like how they did but it depends on wht they ate on what type of SCP they turn into. EX: If a pony ate a sugar cookie then they would be a sugar coated pony and if they ate some sort of chocolate then they would be a chocolate pony, and if they ate a certain fruit pie then they would be that type of pie. (Also the treat they eat is a special type of treat that ONLY SCP can make.)

Sugar versions: Sugar ponies are the main ones that happen and they have sugar hooves and have multi colored sugar hair (Can be made with air brush on MS Paint) and usually have a sugar name.
:thumb610793251:         Sugi Cube by PurrsephonyBoots101

Chocolate Versions: Chocolate ponies are either melted or solid ponies. With melted they have fur that go over their hooves but that is melted chocolate or they have melted chocolate spots on them.
:thumb601071885:        :thumb594601805:

Pie Ponies: These are fruit pie ponies that are based of of fruits like strawberry, Apple, Lemon,Lime, etc. They are simplistic and usually just have fruit elements to them.
Lemon-Lime Love by Galeshine       Strawberry Passion by Galeshine

If you think of a new type then either tell me or putt it in the group gallery. Thanks for reading.
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