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Temptation of Death

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Another shot of my (ass) Black Widow cosplay! This one I liked particularly for the pose and the way I looked.

I will be leaving for hospital soon guys. Honestly I'm expecting it to happen any day now. I will for sure be writing a journal before this goes down and possibly making a video, but that all depends on how fast I will have to get down to LA. So, wish me luck!

All these photos were taken by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography! He’s a great photographer and got some really kick ass shots of me!

:iconsupatunaxxxcosplay: as Black Widow
Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
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Smoking hot wow pow Bam !!! Great body sexy hero bravo!!! Spiderman loves it!!
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a five star perfect b-side ♥
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what did you have to go to hospital for?by the way you are gorgeous!
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that is a beautiful looking backside.
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Nice Black Widow ♥
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You are are an incredible woman!!!!!! You like Marvel characters, gorillaz,ect.!!!!!!
Whoa, what else do you like?
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Your very sexy and I love your costume but the pistol is blocking a crucial part of what would otherwise be a GREAT shot of yer butt! :laughing:
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Well it is a nice ass on a gorgeous lass :D
Wait, its a trap! :O
*gets shot*

Gotta agree on the amazing pose bit though :)

ANd if you dont get a chance to do a journal or video, i hope all goes well in hospital :)
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Girl... you have curves lol awesome cosplay.
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I really like this one, the juxtaposition of the hair, suit and your skin are really neato
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Agree with you I do about the pose and the way you look. a stunning don't mess with shot.
She(you) be a badass. You look the part.

Do please try to keep us up to date on your health and well being. whether this is your religious views or not my prays and I'm sure everyone else's are with you.
Hopeful maybe there will be a way for you tell us how you are doing while you're there(figures crossed). keep your chin up. :hug: :D
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all hail team bomb !!!
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Gorgeous just doesn't sum up your physical appearance. I love the looks I love the look and pose (and the tight outfit on a tight body with long red hair doesn't hurt either :drool: ). Hope to see more in the future. Get Well Soon! :hug:
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Badass, beautiful, intense and wonderful. :) <3
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O////O I meant to say...I mean...Hi! >///<
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I like the pose, you bad ass ;) your hot and sexy :)
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