sugarbit base contest ~ RESULTS!

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here we go!
the big moment of truth!
I hope everyone is sitting comfortably * ' 0')/

it's been a long testing process and in the end I had to ask for
help from Ryan to judge them, but I did it! we have winners!
and today, the first anniversary of the sugarbit species, I have the
pleasure of announcing them to all of you lovely people who have
supported me in my adopt adventures for the past year *' v'*)

before you settle down to read this, take some time to browse the
participant page to see just how much amazing competition these
winners were up against! the quality ended up being so high that
there are a couple of special mentions I'd like to bring up


there are two entries that really stood out to me despite not placing,
and those belong to candykittycat and yurikitten!

as ever, candy's lines are just gorgeous, and it broke my heart to
see this knocked into non-placing! the sheer amount of options
available was also amazing, and it was just all-round a lovely little

this entry was just so sweet, such a gorgeous style and DAMN
GIRL THAT BOOTY! it was also the only entry to have included a
back view, which was super cool and merited a special mention!


nearbits takes second place with their super cheerful looking
sugarbit base! you don't even know how hard this was to judge!
the two candidates for first place were just so precious, I loved how
expressive this base was, but the first place entry definitely had its
perks too. my favourite part about this base was the sweet facial
expressions - they really went beyond all other entries in adding
heaps of personality to the base!

and finally, gforce's entry! this one honestly blew me away. I
knew pretty early on that this would be a strong contender for
placing! the style is just so soft and rounded, and really captures
the essence of what a sugarbit is. the lineart was so, so amazingly
clean that when I was testing it out, I barely had to do any cleanup
at all to make the colouring neat, I just used to magic wand and it
was almost 100% perfect just with that!
I'm pretty sure that has to be witchcraft, but since witchcraft isn't
against the rules, we have our winner!!

so congrats, gforce and Lahtirus!
and thank you everyone for taking part
I may work out a little something for the two special mentions, but
I'll be noting you all those details. all we have to wait for now is the
myo event which will be up and running really soon~!
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congrats to the winners! ^ ^