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Sora number dos! by sugarbabbie Sora number dos! :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 2 2 Sora number UNO by sugarbabbie Sora number UNO :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 0 0 Singing national anthem at a monarch game :) by sugarbabbie Singing national anthem at a monarch game :) :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 1 4 Me getting on a Horse by sugarbabbie Me getting on a Horse :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 1 2 Love my bestie :) Connor by sugarbabbie Love my bestie :) Connor :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 3 9
Take Control
Take Control
Take control
Of the life you live
Of the shadow you cast
Loose grip
Of the things that hurt
Of the troubles that take over the world
Take control
Of the world as it spins
Of the place you love
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 3 4
Let Me Know
Let Me Know
Let me know
When the world falls
When everything dies
Let me know
When heaven comes into light
When death is defeated
Let me know
When happiness has grown to full
When children laugh and play again
Let me know  
when Peace fills the air
When guns can't do damage
When life is regained
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 3 2
evil bunny by sugarbabbie evil bunny :iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 2 3
Some Days
Some days
Some days I'm built like a castle
Some days I'm plummeting down down down
Some days I don't feel like war
Some days battle thrashes through my veins
Some mornings I wake up punching the air
Some mornings I wake up just wishing I could go back to sleep
and continue that dream
Sometimes it's plausible
Some nights I walk around the streets like nothing's changed
Some night I watch lights go off hoping to keep mine on
through the night
Some nights I look for that night that was there ten minutes ago
Everyday I watch go past me like everything didn't matter
Was a day that mattered
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 4 5
Journey Of Circles And Lines
Journey Of Circles And Lines
He was a boy like straight lines
Took time but always kept going forward
Smashed through walls in his way
She was a girl like circles
Always going round and round
Doing things over and over again
Never sure where to go next
Straight lines and circles
Making the perfect match
Balancing things out
For the not so perfect
Perfect journey
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 2 0
I try
I Try
I try to be confident
with everything I do
But eventually I give up
I try to be optimistic
To everything that comes my way
But at some point negativity come
And takes over
I try to be happy
Around others
But sometimes
I snap
I try to forget
about everything that happened
but every time I try
the thought doubles in size
I try not to complain
and it ends up slipping out
I try to make you happy
But I can't
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 2 22
Think (not always a good thing)
I think about you
You think about some other girl
Another girl thinks of you
But will never tell
I think of hate and despair
Taking its course through life life
Not only mine
But your's too
I think of that other girl who has taken
My place
In your mind
I think of a happy ever after
That only happens in movies
I think of you
Way too much  
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 0 0
I Believe
I Believe
I believe in a world with happy endings
I believe in a world with forgiveness
I believe in a world where everything happens at once
I believe in a world of ups and downs
I believe in a world that makes disappointment
I believe in a world with god deciding my fate
I believe in a world with love
I believe in a world of success
I believe in a world of failure
I believe in a world with you in it
I believe in you <3
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 0 2
I look at my surroundings like no other did
Taking in the sights that my eyes say
Words melting their way into sentences
Words describing these surroundings
Making them beautiful to one and another
Saving breath for times when you need them
When there is no words for those surrounding
so stunning; vibrant; different
They have a way of being that way
Different; I mean
I love when things become different
I come to think many people do
It's almost like an attraction to the public eye
People swarm the subject of being different
but at the same time being different is wrong
I love when people see this in life
See the weird things that are truly different
See the difference between one human being to another
See the slight change of good and bad
See the difference of everyone  
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 3 10
Waiting for that great, big moon to appear
waiting for something to happen
waiting for that someone
waiting for a life to form itself
waiting for a family to appear
waiting for happiness to make its way into my life
waiting for this stage to go away
waiting for books to become real life
waiting for a new beginning to take me away
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 2 4
I would never admit
to your face
but I
I'm spiraling down
Taking other people with me
pulling them into the flame and under the water
I tried secrets
but it didn't last a week
shearing down to only the truth
keeping my head down for day like that one
:iconsugarbabbie:sugarbabbie 1 2
Think and you're dead. by LetsSaveTheUniverse

I am accepting writing commissions at a small fee:

Poetry: 2 points

Short Stories: 3 points

Anything else: Just ask and I'll give you a price

ALSO: Collaborations are open!


Friends IRL:

My idols <333


some gif by junekiddo

Ok actual stamps:

You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Storm Stamp by soulshelter Potty Trained Stamp by bizarrostamps This Stamp Is Made of Fail by bizarrostamps





So this is some of my writing.... PLEASE READ IT!!!!...... I've been working very hard on it and for some pieces I still am... Comment, watch, tell your friends, do whatever you want...TRYNG NOT TO TYPE IN TEXT MODE IS HARD.. And whatever you do, don't forget to leave a comment with what you think about a story or piece. I appreciate critiquing just as long as its not harsh or mean.

Also as you can tell I love to write and I'm getting better as time goes on. Take a quick browse through my gallery and check out the difference between my new art and my old. I dare you!! I hope you take the time to look at me friend's pages up above. I also hope you favorite, comment, and watch and I'll do the same. If you have any questions about me or my writing. Or anything else for a matter of fact, just ask or send me a note!


TMI meme (Oh god)
0. Height             5 foot XD
1.Virgin?               Yes!
2.Shoe Size         lol Idk
3.Do you Smoke?     NO EW NEVER
4.Do you Drink?           NOPE TOO YOUNG
5.Do you take drugs?     NEVER EVER EVER
6.Age you get mistaken for        11/12  ;u;
7.Have Tattoos?                      Nope.
8.Want any tattoos?                   Maybe ( a really small one.)
9.Got any Piercings?            
:iconchaosartistify:ChaosArtistify 0 19
I never do these...
and it may not change anything
Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this. You come home from school one day. You've had yet another horrible day. You're just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you've written and rewritten over and over and over You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all. Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your little brother knocks on your door to come tell you dinners ready. You don't answer, so he walks in. All he sees is you laying on your bed, so he thinks you're asleep. He tells your mom this. Your mom goes to your room to wake you up. She notices something is odd. She grabs the paper in your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She's screaming your name. Your brother, so confused, runs to go tell Dad that "Mommy is crying and sissy won't wake up." Your dad ru
:iconchaosartistify:ChaosArtistify 2 11
Pic of meh by ChaosArtistify
Mature content
Pic of meh :iconchaosartistify:ChaosArtistify 6 8
The Doctor by AmayaStrange The Doctor :iconamayastrange:AmayaStrange 2 1
There is a place
I will never go
But I seem
To visit
Quite briefly
Every time
I close my eyes
It is a place
Where I can
Never ever go
But I always
Can create it
Because it lives
My open mind
Will you join
Me someday
In this place
Where I can
Still not visit
I wish to see
You standing there
Next to me
:iconbelarosewolf:BelaRoseWolf 3 8
in the distance, fading
i never said my goodbyes,
one rainy night
i climbed
out of my window,
out into
rain puddles, pine trees
and songs.
the night slowly froze everything,
ice humming its way
into my lungs,
skies breathing snow.
when you wake up tomorrow
frost will cover the tree branches
and i will be gone.
:iconeternalsunday:EternalSunday 18 19
My Masquerade...
My lips
Vulgarly veneered
A Deep red
Turned upwards
I hold it
A façade
For the eyes of another
Though hiding away
Beneath my masquerade
Lies a soul..
:iconzreen:Zreen 2 0
Hell Of My Dreams...
It may have been the night
I dreamed my death.
A journey to Hades,
That was meant for me.
Lead swiftly,
By an unusual mist
Of blue and green.
Great Gates of doom
Embossed with the words
"Gehenna welcomes you"
Faint voices of anguish
From within the gates
Cried to me
To turn the other way
Yet, my curiosity  
Urged me closer
I touched the rusty gates
With both hands,
I fell a thousand feet
There, my eyes opened.
Fully awake
Yet paralysed,
Unable to speak.
I looked up,
Couldn't help but
Try and scream.
I'm still there
In the hell of my dreams...
:iconzreen:Zreen 2 0
I am a golden wizard of ephemeral radiance,
my arcane chants rifting the natural order
into a contorted imitation of itself;
a twisted smile infecting the face
of a formerly innocent infant.
I will rend you with my words,
recant until you reemerge
in my own esoteric ideal.
there you will stand, warped and
Perfect only in my own eye.
:iconundertoe:undertoe 2 0
Mia icon (175 frames) NOT FREE by ChaosArtistify Mia icon (175 frames) NOT FREE :iconchaosartistify:ChaosArtistify 14 5
Haiku #4
The scent of raindrops
Gray clouds swallow the blue sky
What is the future?
:iconintricatesunlight:IntricateSunlight 10 7
The Sand in The Hourglass
I tend to watch life pass by me,
I can never seem to grasp what I want...
Always flowing, It all just flys by,
Like a leaf caught on a summers breeze.
People move on, People grow up.
I stay, Locked in this conrete box.
Reciting various songs of love,
Poems of the lost,
Lost I am. Love I have lost.
It just feels as my essence has gone,
I no longer feel elemental,
I'm earth in the wind...
I'm, Out of place.
Sticking to the daily routine,
Falling, Then tipped... Forever falling.
Clashing with the same problems I seen the day before.
Going over the same problems, with different solutions,
Trying to find, The Sand In the Hourglass.
:iconla-nicoli:La-Nicoli 2 0
Safe From The shadows
In the dark where shadows dwell
and no light can be seen
the creatures of the Night begin to sing.
The rain falls hard,
the Lightning thrashes about,
yet in the distance you hear them...
Calling your name.
Louder, and louder
almost Like crying,
the darkness is calling you
nearer and nearer
Closer and closer
you go but when you enter
you see a light glow.
You are free.
Home again
In the warm light
Safe from the shadows.
:iconlovelydreamer3192012:LovelyDreamer3192012 1 0
Death Grows
Every loved one who passes away,
Makes us stronger every day.
We learn to grow,
When death, turns the clocks slow.
Although we fight on,
We try to stay strong.
It slowly corrupts us as mortals,
Soon, we realise death is just a portal.
One to a greater life,
No more trouble and strife.
Happiness one would call it,
As our sanity goes, bit by bit.
Deaths, we rely on them.
We are the flower, that our stem.
Ironically, Death keeps us living,
As the tree of death, doesn''t stop giving.
:iconla-nicoli:La-Nicoli 1 0
Mass, Dead, Manic, Apocalypse
Grey buildings are overlooking me
Blue chairs in a row are following me
I want this to stop
But the red sign keeps screaming at me
Hear your own breathing in your head
Like exhaling in a paper bag
Your lips are turning blue
I can't communicate, I can't get through
Knee-deep in my own misery
Can't feel love
Can't feel pain
I can feel the petrol running through my veins
Right behind me
No place to hide
I can feel their black beady eyes
:iconspittingouthistheet:SpittingOutHisTheet 1 0
Alyssa is so beautiful
Like a butterfly
You make me feel so happy
Seems like i can fly
So i wrote this poem
And i cant explain why
:iconrainbowsrfun17:Rainbowsrfun17 1 0




sugarbabbie's Profile Picture
I'm crazy and mad, but the best people are
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hey, So I've grown a lot as a writer. And yes, that means I'm a writer. I've been writing since i was little and I love to write. I guess by now it come naturally. i have friends that write with me and it's a fun thing for me to do. But i noticed something. I started writing more and more when I entered middle school. I wasn't like many others when i started middle school. I wrote in my free time instead of went the park or went outside with a friend. Then I met one of my writing buddies. She was like me and we had a few classes together. I started writing with her and another friend and my writing became better and better.

Some how surprisingly I still had a love life, still do. Or sort of anyway.

*and I do believe in Sherlock Holmes*

My fandoms:
Doctor who, Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games, and Kingdom Hearts.

So i hope you enjoy my writing. Please comment and watch :P
Hey, so I have a friend that's new to deviant art and is an amazing writer check her out :P :iconl3xia13:


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