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My Bio
I am a very busy stay home mama! I have two adorable kids; a son named Hiro(born 2008) and a daughter named Estelle(born 2011). I also am a certified N.S.I nail technician, I do this in the evenings at home. I also am learning photography and do that a touch on the side. :3

In my free time( WAIT.. free time? WHAT IS THIS FOREIGN THING :P ) I luff me some arting. Drawing A LOT of Sailor Moon related art. Creating SM Fan Characters being the creme de la creme of my arting.

I roll that there d20 twice weekly. Creating all kinds of characters is my favorite part of Dungeons and Dragons. *has geek on*

Magic the Gathering is another addiction of mine. D: I love it soooo.
*geek level has increased*

I also grow(though I am learning and have had a few deaths) fresh herbs, I love herbs! I am a touch granola. ;3

I enjoy reading cheesetastic lame novels that make me gigglesnort.

I watch a JUNKTON of Anime and read a fair amount of Manga.
*geekness has increased substantially!*

I have a large love/hate relationship with making cosplays. I LOVE IT... who am I kidding! XD But seriously sometimes I could just shred what I am working on.
ALSO, I always have help with sewing from the ever so lovely StarSmith!

Random generic crap I heart: cupcakes, owls, bunnies, bubbles, squishy things, Hello Kitty, trees, Unicorns, lilies, bows, boots, rainbows, plushies, ponies ...

Favourite Visual Artist
Naoko Takeuchi...
Favourite Movies
Sailor Moon Promise of the Rose, Star Trek, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, the amazing spider man,Iron Man, the avengers, Almost Famous, Mean Girls, Baby Mama, She's the Man, The Producers, Chicago
Favourite TV Shows
Sailor Moon, Nodame Cantabile, Darker than Black, Natsume Yuujichuu, FMA: Brotherhood, MLP Friendship is Magic, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blue October, Dr Hook, Queen, Mika
Favourite Writers
Ray Bradbury, Meredeth Ann Pierce, Dr. Suess
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, Little Big Planet, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Kart, Pokemon Snap
Other Interests
CUP.CAKES. Toki-doki, My little Pony, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Thunderstorms, Musicals, Disney

*Pokes dA*

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If any of you actually read this, it's Usagi2500/MarshmallowSquishy if you have not forgotten... Lol but anyway, HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? Update me If you feel like chatting! I logged on for the first time in ages, life has been crazy and I miss you fellows! I have been posting on Instagram more as Sugar_Senshi (beware massive Lolita Fashion spam) but I think I'll get my dA groove back on once I get the art rolling again! <3
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HII!!! <3 I decided to simplify things and just change my user name her to ImperiumBunny because it is what I use everywhere else. I love MarshmallowSquishy but it wasn't worth re-introducing myself all the time. Hahah! You can find me as ImperiumBunny on, Imperium_Bunny on Twitter and LiveJournal and Imperium-Bunny on Tumblr and I am stuck with Usagi2500 on :) SORRY I HAVE BEEN SO INACTIVE LATELY. It's just been busy and blah blah blah etc. I miss all you lovely folks!! I really do! I want to be more active on here so I am really going to try!! Please link me(if you would like) some art you have
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What the title says... Almost done one of this years Animthon cosplays! Kuro Usagi from Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? I am also working on Steampunk Aviator Rosalina(Mario Galaxy) but dyeing my lace has been a nightmare so far. D: Anyone else going to Animethon this weekend?!
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Hi there! Although it must've been old, I found that you were the most active user for the Cybersix fan group- so I was wondering if you were interested in contributing to the Cybersix Wiki?
Haha must be old! Thanks for asking but I'm very out of touch in all Cyber 6 lately. lol
Ah, that's okay. But thanks for replying. :)
*hugs* I hope you've been doing well.
Happy Birthday! :cake:
Happy birthday! :la: :party: :cake: :glomp:

Hope your day is wonderful! :D