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Pinkie Pie Vector

I love Pinkie Pie, I think she's my favorite pony. :)

Program used: Illustrator CS
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I used this piece in the VN/CYOA adaptation of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Huge thanks for making such amazing art! Want to play? Download it at… !
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Great work on Pinkie! And THAT's who a great pony is done! :D Or was it how Equetsria's made? LOL :lol:

Wow, perfect work on the design! :)

You just seem to have a slight layer misadjustment in her ear area. The hair colour shows through a bit. But it's a minor thing. Happens to me all the time. :lol:

You can dismiss this as an overly-erfectionist remark, of course :XD:!
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Haha thanks! It's a vector, not a drawing, so they're a lot easier.
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Very welcome! :D Well, still it's work! lol :lol: