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Blackadder caricature.

A sculpture that I did for a home made Christmas card waaaaaay back in the mists of time. Since then I've added a few whistles and bells in Photoshop when it comes to the background.

Everything bar the miniature glass was made by me. The cloths were created by pining various fabrics over the clay sculpt and hiding where they joined around the back. This was purely only meant to be viewed from one particular angle which helped ahell of a lot. :)
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Elizabethan schmuck!
Gm2Design's avatar
Amazing, i love  your style
Pie-Of-The-Wolfie's avatar
Haha, I have to say though that season two is my favorite, Rowan looks mighty fine with that goatee number he has!
That's fantastic!
C'est magnifique!
CATtheMinion's avatar
LMAO! and it's a sculpture! :omfg: I love the wine glass.
hirokada's avatar
Outstanding! This is awesome. ;)
Thank you so much. :)
TheLuridOne1885's avatar
hi sue, he looks great he sorta reminds me of mr. bean rowan atkinsion whom of which my father and i find just hilarious he's very well done.
As Rownan plays both characters I'm not surprised to hear that really. Glad that you liked it. :)
DarkAngelDTB's avatar
Hi Sue,

WOW, this is AMAZING.

Did you ever do a 7th Doctor and Ace for a Doctor Who magazine cover YEARS AGO. It just reminded me so much of that. Made me remember it.

Dean X
Yes, that was my then work partner and myself. Back then he sculpted them, and I just painted them. :)
DarkAngelDTB's avatar
HAHA AMAZING I loved those. Amazing how you see and remember things. How big were those sculpts? and do you still have them?
No, sadly not. They were about two feet tall and were sculpted in plasticine and then painted. They were broken up again afterwards.
DarkAngelDTB's avatar
OH NO!!!! Plasticine. I guess that was in the day of before all the fancy polymer clays were available. Oh well. At least you have the photo evidence. You will have to post the Sylv and Ace up here. :D
Well they were made to use as one off's as we knew we wouldn't have the room or the desire to keep them afterwords. And yes, at some point I'll see If I can put a scan up on here too. :)
DarkAngelDTB's avatar
YAYYY Cheers. Would be good to see them again.
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