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6.2.2019: Villa and Birch
As you can see, with second shot light was already gone. Anyway, I'm so much love with this place. It have amazing history, and many Finland's greatest artist have visit there at early 1900s. And man who did built this at 1907, was only 25 at that time and making already name in Paris too. So there is certain mood - no need to even mention that amazing architecture.
6.2.2019: When Sun Did Shine Without Warmth
Amazingly beautiful winter weather did continue. I weren't planning to get anywhere, but... you know, it was that old story where heart starts to yell how "this won't last forever" and so on. I decide to get here. After 40 kilometers drive I did see first clouds at the sky, so last of that trip was race against those. Of course I did have to shovel parking space to my car, which comparing almost half meters of snow was done amazingly quick - beautiful light and clouds filling sky is good combination to make things done quickly when you are light addict like me. Then walk through that snow... and this was only shot I were able to get with that beautiful light. Then clouds did fill sky almost completely. And even that was not all... but more of that later.
4.2.2019: Hard Pressing by Hand of Nature
And this shall be last photo from there at this time; hand of nature was pressing little sauna hard saying "once we will take what was ours, and once day nobody doesn't even remember that once people did live here".
And again one year is history. I'm now 42 and sometimes I'm wondering how many there is left..? Which is stupid because there are things that you just can't affect and anyway life will end some day.

Anyway, looking back last year was... well, it did get better to it's end. Of course it was mostly that old story. Stress from my father's alcoholism. Stress from work (but only for those 5 months that I did work). Hard to remember much from last year, but my memory have always been very bad. One reason to take photos and keep statistics from strange things?

Like push-ups. Last year's final number was 38 300 during 7 month period. No, I'm not stupid enough to do those when I'm working.

I did drink 160,8 liter and 71 different beers + 198 4cl shots of strong alcohol (whiskey, absinthe or vodka). There were 227 completele alcohol-free days, so I did drink (at least one beer) at 138 days.

I did read 26 books with 7325 pages, which is less than ever since 1996 when I did start to keep statistics about my reading. Still it makes 20 pages every day... which feels odd because it doesn't feel like I would have read that much. And still it is less.

50 times I did photograph nature, 56 times I did photograph UE-related stuff and 48 times things that don't fit those first categories. Time spent: 344,5 hours.

I did sell 614 photos through 5 agencies. That didn't go too well:

  • Adobe Stock: 24 photos sold (+33%)
  • Mostphotos: 58 photos sold (+16%)
  • Redbubble: 22 photos sold (-55%)
  • Shutterstock: 503 (-25%)
  • Vastavalo: 5 (-64%)
Also income from those did drop 40% comparing 2017.

Relatives, friends etc. did need help (you know that "could you...") 536 times. There were 2 weeks with complete peace, when nobody didn't bother me. Rest of my 138 free days were random days - one there, another there and so on, so you can't really enjoy them because you never know... until you are going to bed.

Some live music also at 2018:
  • Amorphis (at Turku)
  • Atlases (at Forssa)
  • Besra (at Forssa)
  • Dark Tranquility (at Viking Grace)
  • Finntroll (at Viking Grace)
  • Kalmah (at Viking Grace)
  • Myrkur (at Turku)
  • Pantera Rip-Off (at Forssa)
  • Revengine (at Forssa)
  • Stone Monolith (at Forssa)
  • The Backstabbers (at Forssa)
  • Tocornal (at Forssa)
  • Violent Fever (at Forssa)
  • Wolfheart (at Viking Grace)
If I should choose. it would be Myrkur at first place, Wolfheart at second and Amorphis at third place.

Some (for me) new music did also came to me at last year:
  • Afire (pretty good rock, sounds bit like Poisonblack for obvious reason)
  • Blackbriar (quite light metal band with female singer with voice that makes me think 20's or something like that)
  • Cellar Darling (these did play in Eluveitie before, now they are back with their own band. Bit similar, lot different)
  • Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men (nice, very old style... well, rock'n roll? Country? I'm not sure)
  • Forever Still (amazingly good band with little Lacuna Coil vibe)
  • Kai Hansen & Friends (old Helloween dude still makes amazing music)
  • Kalidia (quite new metal band from Italy. Improved LOT and it's really, really, really good now)
  • Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville (another old Helloween dude still making amazing music, this time with female singer)
  • Nyxx (real side-step for me; first I did find that excellent rock'n roll song (Wicked) and soon I did find rest... which I suppose is some kind of dark-industrial-pop)
  • Omnimar (another side-step comparing music that I mostly listen. Russian dark-pop band, excellent songs)
  • Visions of Atlantis (this band's singer, Clementine Delaney is in that Kai Hansen and Friends project too. Sings there so well that I did have to check her own band too, and it's not bad at all)

And finally, to keep some mystery in this shit, number that I won't open at all: 116. Maybe not enough, but I'm pleased. :D
  • Listening to: Myrkur: Juniper
  • Playing: Mist Survival
  • Drinking: Tea


Suensyan's Profile Picture
Petri Volanen
Born at '76. I did start photographing at 2004 when I did get my first digital camera. First SLR camera (Canon 1100D) I did get at 2013, and now I'm using my second (Canon 1200D). I have 3 objects to that: Canon 18-35mm, Canon 75-300mm and Tamron 35-270mm. I have always try to keep my stuff as cheap as possible. First of all I don't have too much money and I spent it rather to get photographing than expensive stuff to get photos. There is also that side in cheap stuff that I don't have to feel pity for them; now I can torture them in snowstorms and rain etc. as much as I want to. With more expensive things... I don't think it would be so.

I love nature photographing. Marsh and snowstorms are probably most important subjects to me what comes to nature photographing. Light is also very, very, very important thing for me.

I love abandoned places, and I have photograph them since 2004. I also have site called "Autiot ja unohdetut". First it were traditional website, but few years ago it did move to Facebook:…

I also love horses (and we have 1 own pony too), so I also love photographing horses.


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