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Frost Giant Ambush by SudsySutherland Frost Giant Ambush by SudsySutherland
This piece has been a long time in coming.  It all began with doing some volunteer art for Basic Fantasy, an Open D20 OGL game system and the Saga of The Giants Supplement they were working on back in 2013 through just a couple years ago in 2015.  I got some of my work done in time to make the release, but this gem didn't make it before I got a full time job after graduating college in November 2015.  In fact, you'll notice that is about when my art really started slacking...  Busy!  So, new job in 2016 ate my life, and then a new baby in June 2017 has consumed the rest of my family's life!  Wouldn't trade any of it for all the art I could create in the world however, as children are worth the sacrifice.

My basic concept was to demonstrate visually what a bad idea it was to travel through snow giant country (mountains) by yourself (unless you happen to be a certain Hyborean Cimmerian Barbarian Thief/Warrior/King...).  So here you have a snow giant and his pet sabre tooth teaching a fighter (or perhaps and overly arrogant paladin) a lesson they are likely never to forget, and never repeat the mistake, as it is likely their last... few critical rolls?  Well, this happens.
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September 17, 2017
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