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Female Half Ogre 13JUL14

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I've been doing some art here and there for the Basic Fantasy RPG (a D20 Open Game License Old School variant of the classic D&D 3.5) over the last few years.  Recently an art challenge came up on this thread (….  

Our featured protagonist here is a female half-ogre who isn't under the stereotypical trope we see so much of in the RPG world with half-ogres or strong women.  While she is wearing a dress, she is also wearing very functional leather armor in this case; not some leather/tribal wannabe armor that is nothing but cheesecake swimwear.  What is also painfully obvious is that she is unlikely to be 'stupid' either.  One does not stand with this bearing being stupid in a medieval inspired world where a half-breed humanoid is likely to be an outcast.  Clearly, the human capacity for developing intelligence has melded well with ogre raw cunning.  Any insult to parentage is likely to result in sudden death, in a declared duel of honor with our heroine most likely taking the title and riches of the moron who insulted her.

So, this is for all you D&D and other fantasy RPG gamers who get a little jaded and tired of some of the stereotypes!  

Special thanks to  :icongrinmir-stock: / :iconwaldhaus-stock: for allowing me to use the stock and post it off site, as well as her allowing this art to be used freely in a non-commercial manner (if you are interested in commercial use, you will need to message myself and Marie for the appropriate permissions).  Otherwise, if its a supplement produced for OGL/OSR gaming, go right ahead.  Need that illustration for a character sheet?  Here you go.  

Based on stock by :icongrinmir-stock: / :iconwaldhaus-stock:
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Hey, we'd totally hang out some time, she and I... Love it Mike.  Remember when we were goofing around and I drew what I guy would look like in the comic books if he dressed like the girls were usually depicted?  I still have that in a sketch pad... I ran across it again... good times... Hey, any chance you and I could collaborate one of these days for old times sake?  I remember a sci fi Universe we started on... it had a little bit of a Timothy Zahn and Ann McCaffery vibe to it if I recall. 
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Having studied Franzetta paintings, I've found that sometimes women in fantasy artwork have more square inches of clothing than some males...  

Might be interesting to revisit the past.  Got loads of my old sketches in boxes that somehow pulled through the ravages of 15 years of continuous storage and movement across the country (and the continent of North America for that matter).
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