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Benders Aboard 1

A short does-it-still-count-as-fancomic (yes) commissioned from TacoEating, written ( er... storyboarded?)  by Sudrien - And by short, I mean "working on since July"

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xPastaSketcherx's avatar
not to be rude but what even is the point of this comic?
Sudrien's avatar
When trying not to be rude, it's generally better to not use the word "rude" in the statement. Misdirection must be more subtle. For example, if the question was,

"I sorry to ask this, but what exactly was the intent of the comic?" It would not be focusing the blame of misunderstanding on the creator.

As an aside, mellysempai is still linked on your dA profile. I'd suggest removing it if you aren't going to be using the account.
CrazyCousins's avatar
LMAO this dumb bitch is triggered all because he asked her a question.

since you're giving people advice, I'll give you some: stop trying to correct people when they ask you something, and stop calling them out.

it makes you look really dumb because you're just dragging random shit into something and trying to make yourself seem smart or superior when you're really not.
HomestuckSketcher's avatar
did he ask for you to tell him what to remove on his profile? I don't believe so. how about you answer people's questions in a decent manner without trying to go and look for things that don't even apply to you and call them out on it? just shows how uneducated you are, and how you cant manage to answer a question properly.

tsk, idiot.
xPastaSketcherx's avatar
here, okay, let me try again.

I'm sorry to ask, but what the fuck is the purpose of this comic?

ah, yes, thank you for noticing. but however, since this is my account, I'll do as I please. if you're trying to be all smart and "call me out" on something I have on my profile, I honestly don't care dude. go ahead, doesn't matter to me.