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ruanshuStudent General Artist

Thanks for the new fave, too! I wonder how prevalent contortion meditation is out there.

As far as I can see it, in the places where both are culturally accepted, they are definitely seen as separate practices.

I half remember someone - Bayarma Zodboeva Parry, perhaps? Probably not. One of the earlier generation Mongolian performers writing about trading meditation lessons with a Buddist monk with contortion lessons. As in, such lessons were completely absent from normal training. Communism may very well be a factor there.

That, and depending on region, yoga competitions place a rather low value on actual flexibility. Like, some published rules I've seen, 1 point out of 10 - though I wonder if this is an allowance to let the Hindu caste system definitely not have a sway.

Most forms of meditation it'd be seen as a distraction. Not that training of the body is seen as a bad thing. Just, usually, a separate thing.

ruanshuStudent General Artist

Belated thanks for the writeup, and thanks for the new fave! Can't wait to see what else Natalya Chistyakova can do - she's the main inspiration for the pose there.

ruanshuStudent General Artist
Thanks for the faves! Would love to hear your thoughts on how stretchy superheroes can use active flexibility to their advantage. :D
If you're not talking about getting into silly, utterly impractical fight choreography - the most obvious answer is reducing attack vectors.

Like, Standing split - Gumiyah is  just grandstanding, only done when there's nothing to dodge. If in combat, it's presenting as little as possible for your opponent to hit, making oneself a small enough target as possible. I'd wonder what the potential might be for fighting a person around a corner, or fighting around a stairway banister's cover.

I sort of want to point you at

ruanshuStudent General Artist
Oh yeah, that standing split's just a cute "just standing around" pose. I think that since she is a superhero with stretchy powers we're well into the realm of utterly impractical, so imagine all the dumb gymkata you can shake a pommel horse at. I've learned the names of a zillion balance beam and vault moves in the past few hours trying to figure out to describe her kicking some goons lately.

Thanks for the link to the account, still! Fantastic skills there.
AZ-powerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fav ^^