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During my meanderings through life, I have tried my hand at various creative outlets. Some I have abandoned. Others I seem to have put on hold for finite or indefinite periods of time. One thing is certain, however: at any given moment, I am sure to do something or other in a creative vein.

Current artistic hobbies: photography, music (singing), digital visual arts (wallpapers and what-not).

Abandoned or paused art forms: writing (mostly prose; formerly also poetry & lyrics), drawing (formerly; mostly pencils).

Other interests: horseback riding, science fiction, horror, fantasy, Finnish mythology, assorted literature, psychology, religions, culture, traveling.

If we're acquainted, and you're interested in joining me on GoodReads, please send me a friend request there. Then you'll get access to my profile.

© My works are copyrighted. Please do not use any of them, in any way, without my written permission. Thank you! :) And enjoy.

Favourite Visual Artist
You mean, 'favourite'? (Wink!) Drew Struzan, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Richard Amsel, John Alvin, Michael Whelan.
Favourite Movies
You mean, 'films'? Annihilation, Arrival, Aliens, Interstellar, Titanic, Legends Of The Fall, The Abyss, BR2049, T2, Inception, Solaris, 2010, Sunshine, It Follows, Star Trek: First Contact.
Favourite TV Shows
Dark (German miniseries), B5, BSG, Trek, ER, Band Of Brother & The Pacific, The Punisher, Firefly/Serenity.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Martinez (because Solaris), SUMMONING, Catamenia, Horner, Drudkh, Zimmer, StS, Amorphis, Kauan, Dream Theater, Dark Tranq, LP, GN'R, Maiden, 'tallica, Fields o/t Nephilim, Sentenced, TON, Savatage, COF, Gathering, Helloween, Ramms+ein, Nightwish.
Favourite Books
Please refer to my GoodReads page for that (see 'About' section for a link). But: Dune, the Space Odyssey series, TLotR, At The Mountains Of Madness. Writers (see'Tools' section, below): Clarke, Vance, Hohlbein, King, Lovecraft, Haldeman, myself.
Favourite Games
Analogue: 1eSTCCG (First Edition of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game). Digital: You might not know some of these, they are so very new -- Dune 2000, Dune (the strategic adventure), Quake. And I absolutely loved Indy 4 (The Fate Of Atlantis, IBM).
Favourite Gaming Platform
My trusty old iBase MB962. I call her, "AURORA". And, for Trek CCG, any huge tabletop will do.
Tools of the Trade
Internet ain't big enough for that list. (Wrote that for Fave Musicians field.) As it turned out -- neither was the allotted field size. Also, the contents of the Fave Writers & Other Interests fields keeps disappearing on me.

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Thank you very much for the fav!!!


Welcome. I like the story this implies, It makes you think about who Vader once was, at a moment you least expect it (as the title says). In just one frame (the top one isn't even necessary for all that). I like that.

If you wouldn't mind would you please leave this comment on the actual deviation. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for you kind words, it means a lot. I put a lot into this piece. Cheers!

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