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Dude, how are you doing?

Are you OK?

Stay healthy

Is page 20 getting completed any time soon??.
Any idea when page 20 is coming out?

can you do the blue hair girl again.

when dark space is finished, I might have an odd request for you.

I hv already made some rough ideas for the one after Dark Space, and might not be able to bring your request in but no worries! Plz let me know! Feel free about it :-)

cool. Sort of envision a scene going down in a single image. Similar to the Jungle one but the big difference is no real vore involved but some really kinky stuff happening. Basically, the girl, completely naked and coiled tightly with arms pinned and trapped by a snake-tentacle with its organ in her mouth making her swallow its fluids (emphasis with her throat bulging every time she swallows). Instead of a venom that paralyzes, its an aphrodisiac that seems to completely arouse her with every swallow of its fluid making her sweat and her nipples harden making her open for pleasure. In short she's in a ritual.