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Dark Space 17
Ash quietly stared at how her friend was taken. She was a talented and rational soldier so knew that Liz might get hurt if she opens fire while the transfer happening. She lowered the container screened and waited for a chance.
The orifice of the monster tightly sealed around Liz's waist. The suction was great until more folds were made. The more Liz was sucked up, the more tentacles slid on her body. When one of the bigger tentacles slid over Liz's perineum to grab her lower limb for further dragging, there were some jerky movements. But due to tight sealing of flesh around Liz's waist, even her muffled moan was not audible.
Soon the jerky movement was also suppressed. It seemed the tentacles of the alien did not allow any single movement of its prey. Liz toes were grabbed and covered by many folds of tentacles till moving her toes were not allowed. The huge alien creature finally sucked Liz's feet in. The voracious maw left nothing behind even a trace of the beauty.
Once the bigger monster finished its satisfactory feast, Ash immediately aimed the worm like creature first. A shell penetrated the unforgivable worm with splashing its blood and flesh.


Thx for the waiting everyone! I was very busy with my works yet tried to improve my drawing skills as much as possible.
anyway Ash's turn is coming ;-)
Dark Space 16

As Liz slowly descended from the mouth of the hunter, the tentacles slid onto her body. When one of the tentacles tried to cover her lips, Liz wiggled a bit and managed to take her right hand out in order to stop it. Unfortunately, her corpulent breasts which her on sensitive parts were laid started to be released. The massive creature did not miss this chance. Another tentacle with appendage clung to her left breast and grabbed the sweetest part on the breast with its appendage. It looked like the tentacle was sucking her nipple. With a sharp moan, Liz stopped moving her hand. She totally lost her control over and let more tentacles violate her body. The tentacles continued to slide on and coiled her body up but first her arms. Then one of the tentacles greedily grabbed one of her huge breasts, and another stroked her armpit as if it was savouring . Liz tightly clenched her teeth as she got this unwanted arousal from these slimy tentacles however she did not resist at all.

Upto her bottom, few tentacles slid over Liz’s body. Grabbing her buttock cheeks, the massive creature secured its grip and pulled the delicious prey into its maw. With some slurps, most parts of Liz’s face and arms were sucked in. But again there was no single sign of resistance from Liz apart from muffled her moan and beautiful body overflown by copious slime.

Dark Space 15
When Ash arrived at the main lab, she absently looked at the creature. Her attention was totally absorbed by the scene. There was a giant tentacle erecting from the 'living mass' which held the well-stuffed alien. The worm like creature carrying its trophy for the day looked like captured,
but did not resist. Rather as it was brought close to the giant maw, it started to open its mouth.
With some drops of slime, a beautiful blonde head slowly started to appear.
The creature literally was regurgitating its prey. Ash could see Liz's face which was covered by a copious slime. Liz was alive but looked like she was not aware of time or space. Not like in the shower room, she even did not make any single movement but let the flesh of the creature tightly sealing run down her face. Ash could see Liz having obvious blushing. No one could tell whether vasodilation was caused by venom however the steam from Liz's body suggested that she was held in a very warm and humid flesh wall.
Suddenly some tentacles appeared from the maw of the massive alien creature. It seemed the massive one was taking over the hunted prey. Poor Liz looked at the tentacles helplessly but still without any struggling...


Greetings! I was busy again, couldn't upload really. Sry for that!
But meanwhile I studied drawing more and continued to practice. Anyway enjoy~ :-)


No journal entries yet.



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