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I am not very active here anymore! If you would like to know my wherabouts, I am most active in the below places


Discord: Valentine#8835

Discord Server:

Any other places you may find me as well as a general bio is here:

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GenoCLHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, just wanted to thank you for keeping a version of the Taiko DLC Builder file online since that site died. I thought that program was lost for good.

Ah I’m surprised someone even found my little playlist with the link haha. You’re welcome! It’s such a great app it would be a shame if it were lost.

FlameGuy64Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've known about you since 2016 and I gotta say
I love your animations on youtube and artwork on here!
also i'd love to get in touch with you on discord, I'm a big fan.
Good luck with this pandemic :)
MegaM18Hobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Honestly, your love for bringing the warm and fuzzies in my heart. In other words, I mean, I appreciate how much you love the pokemon and how passionate you are about it. As a fellow Pokemon fan myself, I simply approve of your feelings.

Tsareenas may naturally seem like boastful, prideful queens that are unlike Lilligant, but I'm sure that if there's anyone who can bring out the motherly side out of them, I am happy that it is you who will do it.

Love your emo Tsareena by the way, she may seem dark but I can definitely sense her motherly warmth inside of her.

I actually tried faving one of your works once but I was unable to because it looked like your account was shut down but now that you're back, I was able to now and I'm happy to get the chance to talk to you now.

Thank you for reading. #763 Tsareena 
Awww ;v; This is honestly one of the nicest comments I’ve gotten. I apologize for how long it’s taken me to respond. I’m just not as active as I used to be here sadly ;v;
I’m glad that my art helps people see the kind side of Tsareena. Many people just go off the Pokédex in-game but the anime and even official website tell a much different story that I wish they emphasized on more.
Even as my interest shift and new Pokémon come out, I think Tsareena will probably always be my fav :heart:. I’ve just never connected with a character in general as much as I have with Tsareena so I’ll probably keep drawing them for a long time to come :>
MegaM18Hobbyist Digital Artist
I understand that you're not very active on here, trust me you're not the only one. I have some of my friends on here who are elsewhere or have other interests besides mine! But I do hope you continue to have fun elsewhere! Wherever you are!

I'm happy to bring a smile to you're face! I can understand why people dislike Tsareena, why they think of her as less cute and why people would like her but only for her looks and not as much of a useful Pokemon. I disagree with all of those things as well, I remember training my Tsareena and I loved her! Sure that her movepool has innuendos but other than that, I like to think that it is very wonderful companion for trainers to have on their adventure! Mine was fun to be with too! They're beautiful, strong, powerful, lovely and sweet! 

Of course I've seen how Mallow's Tsareena is like in the anime is like and I read the official site too! I love seeing that side of the Pokemon as well, its like a mother or older sister to Shaymin! I hope that you will continue to love Tsareena till the very end! No matter what the people says, remember to always follow your heart! :heart:
omg, i LOVE your art style!! it's super appealing and cute aa <3