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spherical railroad track

it's a strange feeling to last on a railroad track. the whole procedure takes about 3 minutes and i wasn't sure if the rails were still in use :)

38 pictures stitched together.

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I love it, But I'd love it more if it was flipped on it's side to almost represent an eye
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it looks good. :)
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A really great pic. Have you tried putting it into a panorama viewer, like Quicktime VR?
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DUDE!! I was so thinking up this same one this past weekend. There are rail road tracks, only lots of them side by side and some with rail cars still on them. Its on private property so I am still waiting to hear on permission to cross the fence and shoot there.

Thanks for the fav and watch, I will have to get around your gallery some more now as well!
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It's like a real fisheye capture!
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i guess a fisheye shot towards the ground will have a similar look. unfortunately i'm not very good at levitation :P
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That's really tight dude!
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Damn it! 38 pictures !!! That's amazing and impressive! Which software did you use to stitch them together?
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thank you!
i used realviz stitcher.
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cooles Pano - mir gefallen diese spherischen Panos sehr gut (nur bräuchte ich jemanden der mir erklärt wie die funktionieren...)
und Hut ab - 3 Minuten für 38 Bilder, das ist schnell!!!
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danke, danke!
ich war so frei und hab ein tutorial gemacht: [link]
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I'm getting an urge to fav every single one of these 360 things. Although I hate faving things in general. But they're all so... so... erk, cool doesn't really cut it. Maybe I'm just weird, but I like the cloud patterns especially o.O
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thank you very, very much :)
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Ohh now THAT is cool. Neat place
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Wow... 38 photos stitched together so seamlessly? Amazing! :D

If you took the picture at night it'd almost look like a small planet!
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hey thank you!
night shot... here we go: [link]
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Yep, looks like a mini planet alright! :D Sweet stuff! And that's one killer avatar, you got! :)
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thanks, once again :)
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That's so WEIRD! @_@ It's few-acre area was streched into a sphere. It kinda looks like an eye, too.
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