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How to capture little planets

By suckup
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Wow, I've been searching the net for weeks on how to do this. Thanks so much!
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Hey there! Awesome tutorial! Can I ask how you managed to stitch together the blender renders??

I've been wanting to do a little planet using blender but Im tearing my hair out lol.
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Ive always wanted to try this, and this makes it alot more clear. thank you
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haha... i think i will try that at weekend, i will build a Panohead diy...
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super tutorial! das kann ich sicher irgendwann mal gut gebrauchen :-) :+fav:
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danke schon. (i'm not german)

this is very helpful i did this in graphics but without the tripod this is more detailed thanks.
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bitte schön!
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had to edit this alot because it's not a 360 panarama.

just the image duplicated. XD


this little planet thin is my graphics project, my teacher wanted me to research it, and make them.
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omg i love you.
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Great tutorial suckup.

Just one quick question:

Do they turn out in a similar fashion if you just shoot 360degrees without doing the ground shots? I'm doing a photo project on Saturday and I was thinking of capturing our 6 towns and putting them in Polar Panorama form.

Thanks in advance.
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sorry this answer will be a little late :-/ but for some reason i didn't see your question.

for getting the real "balloon-effect" you need the ground shot. if you don't have it you will get a "vacuum-black-hole-like-effect" like on this image
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Thanks for the reply. I had a quick attempt at one but I did get the 'vacuum-black-hole-like-effect'. It's also pretty tricky to do these suckers without a tripod.

Thanks again.
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Very helpful indeed, thank you very much. There is just one thing I can't really understand how you do, how do you take the ground-picture?

In my experience, I haven't got long enough arms to take of the ground without getting myself in the picture.

I will try the Stitcher Software you recommended and see if it does a better job than Hugin.

(my poor attempt at this can be viewed here: [link] )
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sorry for the late answer.
i put the tripod away, stretch out my arm with the cam and try avoiding to photograph my own feet.
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Cool, thankyou!
How impotent is it you use the pano-head though? What happens if you don't?
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sorry for the late answer. as i wrote it is "more or less important". your stitching software might have problems with objects that are near (0-10m) the point of view. depends on the situation.
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this is awesome. i'm gunna use this
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This tutorial is brilliant, I rated it amoungst the best on DA.

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great tutorial!! now i will try another pano, but aplying what you say in this tutorial....i am sure that i will have greater results. Thank you for making this tutorial, not many artists do that... :hug:
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Thanx for this tutorial! The idea is great, I wonder if you've tried to make HDR polar panoramas?
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hi there, you're welcome!
i tried a hdr polarpano once, but it was too difficult to make 38x3 (114) exposures without anything around me moving, especially the people, clouds and trees. i have to try that when i am at a nice place, the sky is plain blue and i have my cam and panohead with me.
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Well if you are able to make snaps in RAW there is no need for triple shots to achieve HDR .
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well that's true, but my experience with single shot raw to hdr conversion is that it ony works fine in the daylight. did you make other experiences?
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