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(JJBA VA Next Gen) Sibling Yin-Yang

Actually, I finished this a while back but I have some other drawings I wanted to upload first, so here's this one now ^^ 

Latte and Biscotto, Amaretti and Leone's kids, they're fraternal twins, and in terms of personality, they're very different xD

Latte is older than Biscotto by some minutes so he often teases his little twin Biscotto about that, as mentioned before I think, when they where little they looked very similar, but as they grew into their teens, they choose their styles and basically, Latte got tall too, so now they look sorta similar by hair color xD (even tho, Latte dyes his hair tips purple)

This is an everyone lives AU, so I'm gonna do a drawing with the whole fam sometime soon :333 and maybe some drawings of the babies with other members of passione too xD 
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oo i love them! they look so good

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