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new gods, old gods
silence on the city streets for me,
accordion capillary boulevards
bring me nearer and then back out,
hat blown all asunder and blurred
like a well-made painting or
a poorly taken photograph,
venus on the horizon and rising
to meet my eye:
  deft beauty, brightest
  on the summer nights
  when jupiter is asleep
  and detroit in ruins,
  forgetting where we got
  our names from memphis
  rots on the nile and the
  vellum makes it seem
  like we are home and its
  just the keyboard that
  drew the lines -
and in the insignificant instant,
ionic resonance on amphorine composition,
and to venus in the insistence of time
and distance, we are both as close and
as far as we will ever be, and to her
it doesn't matter much, anyway.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 9 6
Our money bills sweat like chirps in the sun
The sweatdrop stripteases,
as the month of may
boils the traffic jam
that shakes her chatting fingers.
It is the world where mothers
have been appeased earlier in the month
and now the relatives must start
shivering when thinking about
the State, that landlord so stern,
who is asking about its rents.
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 5 6
All I want is the aching spit
Of your mouth, a little attention
--you haloed city
What I've come to realise is that nothing
Is ever really empty--
Your wings around my cold little form
Me a dog lying out in the street
don’t be angry at yourself you said
it's been a damn long day
           and you've worked so hard.
sweetheart you are june heat where the sweat
runs down our long beautiful--
           it's not you that brought a knife to a gunfight,
Jesus--touch me tender in reverent morning
Where the birds bite through the umbilical cord
That tethers the earth
       to heaven--
Our celestial night pulses through
Sleep with one hand on my thigh, the
Love bitten column of your neck
     & skinned knees
I push my thumbs against your bruises seeking shelter
Curled up like a baby
       against the architecture
             of your you
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 8 5
mannequin, other rituals
Light seeps thru the cracks
Where my body splintered.
In june as always I will carefully
Slice my self open
Past the white bits of fat to the good shit.
I dig around a bit like a child unsure
Between my organs— You can call all you want
But it ends the same way.  
The same plump black beetle
Shiny & squirming in my stupid junkie hands—
I bury it in the back yard like a bone
Don’t even kill it first just suffocate it
In a cardboard box
I feel that shit.
Text you on my cigarette break to say
Yeah I dealt with it no worries babe
You stroke my hair as if I am good. As if light
Does not seep thru the cracks
Where my body splintered—
I can do it on my own I don’t need looking after
I can fix myself up anyway.
Luv really shattered me didn’t it
In the halo of sun on your cheeks and
Spit on fingers in raw places
I let anything into my body if it sweet talks
As if I have ownership of my body
As if I am in my body
None of the men who have fucked me
Ever no
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 8 1
triday by gliitchlord triday :icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 12 2
unsalvation / say youre mine / all ok
So we are standing on the top of a mountain and I am holding a sword in one hand. I am actually holding two swords. One in my hand and one through my stomach. This is a dream but it is also very familiar. There is the sword in my stomach and the mountaintop and the lake. And the other sword, in my hand, which is called Dogstar. Dogstar is very old and is the sword of knowing secrets. She says If you have a question there is an answer. I look at my bleeding stomach, and the mountaintop. I say Okay, well, I mean. If this is a dream, then what’s in the lake?
—(the lake is my father’s open mouth when I birthed myself, still slick with oil and soft around the edges, the lake is where I buried my father when I blew up his house in the autumn,  the lake is the throwing up alone at night in summer, the lake is my old body before I lived in it, the lake is the sword of being sad forever, the lake is the dream)  
Alright, so you looked into the lake. What can that mat
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 6 3
Portrait of My Mother-In-Law in the Kitchen
new oranges wait
in an open basket
his mother
in the half-light
fingers working
-small reflections
in the early hours
morning shadows
like words
between us
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 12 0
The light of the afternoon and the soft pot haze and the ache in my gut for a pill to pop — yeah I’ll probably not love you forever but I’ll give forever. O the safe place of bodies and wishing forever, the slick, a warm fuck in wrongness, comfort in wrongness, misery in wrongness. I give good head, I just wanted to be sweet funny bright shining everyone forever and ever amen. I just wanted, that great ocean, that great shadow of need and sickening, the way that lust suffocates you and I just wanted to be the one, I just wanted to be the one— I throw up loneliness in the sink at the club but I don’t even notice I just keep dancing. I just keep dancing. You are pretty fucking stupid sometimes I would guess. Like if youre going to crash at least admit it before you floor it. Like if you couldn’t love me at least admit it before you fuck it. But you’re just buying me coffee at the service station and smiling in almost the right places. Anger isn
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 7 1
as the harvest moon rises to ripple
overhead, the clams begin to chatter,
slick with blood, studded with pearls.
and in the corner, a monster
sinks half-hearted into the sand,
the knives lodged in its back
tearing through its jeans jacket.
perhaps, in a flurry of feathers,
the monster can burst past the water
and dissolve into dust, into dye,
the sea stained newly as blue
as the stormiest of skies.
:iconpoems-about-hue:poems-about-hue 6 2
steel gray
behold the wild horse
our city was named for:
walking, trotting, galloping,
sometimes stopping
to sniff at a tuft of grass
freed now from its herd,
it flies as if in free fall,
careening out of control
it swallows, only to throw up
the parasites that clamber
inside its gaping maw
windows blasted open —
reach out and you shall
taste the universe,
or alternatively,
lose a finger
:iconpoems-about-hue:poems-about-hue 4 0
Change in a Coffee Cup
It’s 1998 and you're in New York.
You sit Buddha-style
         Like a beggar’s cup
         On a cold Brooklyn sidewalk.
The passersby stuff coins in you
         Like a karma slot machine;
         They measure their generosity
         Against your God-bless-you's. 
Raised, reared, reviled in Texas —
         That’s where you'll return to;
         Less welcome than a polished
         Thief dry-drifting through
                   Oil-rich streets.
You are a blood-warm stain on the sidewalk;
         Bitter as wormwood, pale as pigeon
         Shit, dirty like a soiled rubber, pleading
         Like an empty coffee cup 
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 127 99
Nuclear Winter
There were only a few signs at first:
Rumors on the streets,
sidelong glances and knowing looks,
specific questions and awkward conversations.
Then it became more obvious:
Outright accusations,
those close to me getting ready,
news from (un)verified sources.
The explosion came long after:
It shook the ground as ire spewed from our mouths,
sending people nearby running for cover.
Smoke billowed out from our ears and noses.
Words, like flaming comets raining to the ground,
littered down and burned both of us.
We hissed and seethed like bubbling water, burning anyone
that was unfortunate enough to be close to us.
The radioactivity alone was the silent killer,
the air too toxic to breathe in.
We were immune to the poison, since we were the source,
so we drank it in as it killed our lungs.
The fallout was shocking; nothing was spared.
Everything that remained was reduced to rubble and ashes.
We sat in silence for a while as we took this in.
There was no hope for an "us" anymore.
What came n
:iconchaseawaythedark:chaseawaythedark 95 63
if it aint broke
      Ah the bitch of a pin
    Bursting my heart wide open
  Like any wreck may claim in the dark
With cum on her lips:
No love lost
I should stop being such a dumb bitch
   Just take ur meds and pray
       And only do drugs on the weekend
I wanted you happy forever.
I lied and slithered my way to it, or tried
In winter in the backseat of his car
Watching you fuck with the radio stations
Three strange creatures
In a venn diagram
We sped angelic on the highway
Night after quiet—
O Mary let the way be clear
Let the way be clear.
                  The wanting, a thing I can feel
         That grows and shudders under
  Heat of the sun and how he is loved
And how  I am sick inside
And how  my teeth ache
And how  I cannot kick a habit even when it is
  For you
He says my name when he is inside me
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 9 1
i forgot to miss you today.
:iconcjoyt:cjoyt 5 0
Patterns in nature. by tonelokeart Patterns in nature. :icontonelokeart:tonelokeart 6 13


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