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Alright so I've been procrastinating enough with this lol. Let's get this show on the road.

You're reading right! I'm finally getting my butt into gear for real commissions and just in time for the holidays too! As it is right now I'm only looking to do cash commissions, not points. As lovely as the point system is here it doesn't help pay the bills.

Will Draw
Original Characters
Fanart/Fan Characters
Males and Females
Furry/Anthro Characters
Gay/Lesbian couples

Won't Draw

Prices & Examples
As a side note, payment is only paypal.
Also, some examples here will be penciled but the commissions will all be 100% digital because my scanner is terrible lol

[$3] per character (sketched)
[$5] per character (lined)
{+$2} Coloured
{+$2} BG… [$3]… [$3+$2= $5]… [$3x2+$2= $8]

2. Waist/Knee-up
[$7] per character (sketched)
[$8] per character (lined)
{+$3} coloured
{+$3} BG… [$8+$3=$11]… [$8+$3= $11]

3. Full Body
[$10] per character (sketched)
[$15] per character (lined)
{+$4} coloured
{+$4} BG… [$15+$4=$21]… [$15x3+$4= $49]… [$15+4+4=$25]

How to order a commission
1. Send a note to my deviant account here or you can e-mail me at
Either way make sure to label it as 'Commission' so I actually take a look at it. Also send as much information about what you'd like. In the case of original characters the more information the better! And of course don't forget to include what you're looking for! Sketch, full body, half body, etc. Also having your e-mail would be great as well because I can send you the completed file afterwards in it's original size.

2. Once I go over your request, I will reply if I accept your request and I will send you my paypal information.

3. I won't actually start a commission until I've received the money. That being said, I can understand the more expensive something gets the more security you would want and so anything over $30 you can pay half now and half once you get the watermarked finished work.

I used to do commissions on Gaia and one thing I learned was that I LOVE staying in touch with you guys. I like making sure you're getting what you want so what I was doing there I'll similarly do which which is;

If you ask for something coloured, I will get in touch with you with the WIP to show you what I have done so far, and once it's okayed and arms in the right places, I will move onto colouring.

If you asked for something lined or just a sketch I will get in touch with you /after/ I've done the work. It still can, of course, be tweaked as needed.

Once the finished product is done I will post a smaller version here and send you the original version. If there are still pending charges then I'll send you a watermarked version and then once I've gotten the rest of the payment I will send a watermark-free version.

Other Boring Rules Stuff
1.The prices can change at any time of course, though once you and I have agreed on a price for a piece it will remain that price unless you ask for extras. At which point the extra charges would increase depending on what you choose. It would not decrease how ever. I do not refund because for that kind of change.
2. I have the right to refuse any commission, for what ever reason, after or before the fact. That being said I would refund you your money if you've sent me any money.

And I think that's it! I've rambled on long enough, but if any of you have a question drop me a line and I'll answer back as quickly as possible!

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Submitted on
December 8, 2010