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Substrata - Golem

By suburbbum
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Anyone wanna guess how big these guys are?
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oh this is fantastic!
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Hmm... furry animal piloting a golem...

Why has this not yet been made into a video game?
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Awesome art!!!!! So cool
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excellent concepts
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Very nice exaggeration of the golem's features :D !
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cool. reminds me of cait&sith from FF7.
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I love the big bulky shield.
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wow pieces like this really make me look forward to getting a new pc so i can start doing digital. looks really good :D
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Can't get enough of the character design.
i would like to see that in a game.
What's your inspiration?
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Well a couple of my friends have worked on games like Darksiders, LoL, and Wildstar, so their input helps :). I'm just trying to shape stuff I like into a fun little world really. I'm kind of playing it be ear.
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Cool bean man.
That's cool you have friends like that.
Keep up the awesome work.
Stay inspired!
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Which program???
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All of this is done in Adobe Photoshop.
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Nice! Who's the little guy on top?
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Haha, he's the pilot. He controls the golem with magic. I'll be doing a race exploration of those guys soon.
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Looks pretty cool.
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so what is this substrata thing?
Looks cool anyway.
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It would be cool if I could find their art.
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