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Just some sketches for Stormtrooper helmets. Not for anything :>
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could easily be Legacy era or beyond

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I love these designs!
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Hello. I'm doing some Star Wars stuff. So I was wondering can I use some of them?

Will credit you

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Pretty good I'd go.

>3 as pilot

>5 as heavy

>7 as standard

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May not be anything, but it is amazing!!

My favorites are 1, 6, 8, and 10.

Fucking love this
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I f*king love it ❤
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Why were they never used!? They look awesome
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Awesome designs!
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I prefer number 1 over the ones used in Force Awakens. 
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Cool helmets man.
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1, 2, 7, and 10 are my favorites.  They're all awesome designs!
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These all look really cool!  I feel like the concepts with a black top have more armor plating and seem like something maybe speeder bike troopers would wear.
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these are awesome! I wish I had one.
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Oh these are fantastic!
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Dude, these are all awesome!   
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I think I like helmet 2 and 10
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Looks at all those Super Troopers helmets
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