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SMITE - Pixel Buster Freya

By suburbbum
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What started as a fan submission idea may turn into reality. I was convinced that this would be a fun idea for a character skin and needed to make a concept to prove it.

Here's the inspiration and the discussion going along with it :D…
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hey do you mind if i cosplay this design of freya? I will definitely give you credit for this design. i like it better than the original.
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Currently one of my fave Smite skins next to Ba5s Drop Janus and Pajama Party Kumbhakarna :D
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Glad you like it :>
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Hey Can I use this image as a blend into my twitter/twitch background image? <3
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This is actually the only skin I have bought, and it is awesome!
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I feel so fuzzy inside :3
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You have no idea how happy I am that this skin exists. Fantastic work!
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Amazing styley, details, and colours/fx!
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It actually became reality. I am so happy!
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Got yer' minecraft sword there?:) (Smile) 
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hey hi, 

grats for getting this into the game. The skin is very awesome!

but I do have a question if you dont mind.

What is her skin based off? 

I feel like some of her skins are ideas mixed into one. 

Because when you click "B" in-game to return to base, she is pointing out her and turn it into a arm cannon like megaman.

and her sword resemble weapons from Minecraft.

So did you get the idea for Pixel Buster Freya from both Megaman and Minecraft? I'm just very curious and I hope you answer
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Well actually, he got the inspiration from another art idea, who probably got ideas from Megaman. But, I'm assuming the sword is likely inspired from Minecraft though. The inspiration is linked in the description if you'd like to see it.
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So many congrats on getting this in the game, how did that happen?
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Well I work at Hi-Rez... :D
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oh thats why XD but still congrats! i will instabuy it
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Mega congrats on the skin being in the game! <3 awesome skin, going to buy it as soon as it's out!
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Dude, it's in game now! Gratz
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hey I just wanted to gratulate you that your awsome idea made it into the game:-) looks really awesome and i'm glad that Hi-Rez has a look on their community.
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omg they made this into an actuall skin :D
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I think the armor is cool, but it doesn't look enough like Freya. Though the armor bears some resemblance I think the hair and the eyebrows make her model too distinct from the real thing. Really cool concept, though!! :heart:

What about her tattoos?? 
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You should do a pixel buster Serqet!
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This NEEDS to be in the game
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