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Just got a Cintiq. Test #1
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Hey, I was looking for a robot concept art for weeks and they all looked the same, and right when I was about to give up, I saw this one. It was unique and interesting, so I decided to use it as the main reference for my personal project. Although I had to change a lot and figure out the back, I tried to stay loyal to the concept as much as I could. Here is the link to the Artstation page:…

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Hey man! I really like this work! I am making this in 3d if that is ok with you.
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Go for it! I'd love to see the final result :)
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Looking good so far!
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But does it come in sleek and stylish Red?
beautiful colors!!!!!
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Hello, awesomeness!
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So simple, yet so complex, one of my fav works of yours.
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Hey Max, I modelled your Probot concept. I still want to add a few more details in the back.

I believe you have been in contact with Fabrice Tapare - I have been working with him on making your design as a 3D model. We hope you like it and feel free to use it as long as you credit us. Lighting/lookdev by Fabrice Tapare, model by Niels Peter Kaagaard:…

It is made in 2-3 weeks in our sparetime. Some adjustments have been made to the design - but only because I didnt have time to match the design perfectly.
Fabrice will probably put some stills/turnaround/breakdown stuff online at some point and give you a link.
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That's kick ass haha. Yeah, I understand that design adjustments need to be made to make things work; no biggie. Looks great, although your presentation could use some work. Definitely throw a key light in there.
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okay, I didn't exactly take my time to read ALL the comments... but am I the only one thinking it bears a striking resemblance to the Pokemon Lucario?
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Bloody marvelous! Nuff' said.
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I'll take ten! That is badassness!
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Awesome! Would love to take a crack at modeling this guy sometime, definitely need a hard surface guy in my folio
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Neat! I really like the proportions, the colors are bitchin too.
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What a cool design.

I dig it.
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