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2 1/2 hour skoootch
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Loving the intensity!
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Woww that staff, i love it!
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Hellsmechanic's avatar the staff for melee,long-range or both?
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Really a great silhouette on this design. What are the cannisters on her shoulders? I especially like the curving pieces that hang on the bottom. 
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Awesome design! :)
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Woah, the colors and design are awesome
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Really original desing!
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I'd like to see that thing with a scope on it...
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Cool design!
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It's not about why, much more why not, it could work :D
I love what you did with the shadows on the floor, such a nice detail one doesn't often see :)
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fantastic work.

me nitpicking a bit but since the design is that the bullets come out of the top that makes the direction of the magazine is wrong unless the projectile end of the bullet is the larger end.
magazines curve based on the shape of the bullets and how they would naturally stack together so straight bullets get straight magazines and tapered bullets get curved magazines.
generally speaking having a larger projectile end on a tapered bullet would mean less power behind each shot since there's not only less gunpowder/explosion/force to propel the bullet and/or also because there's relatively more bullet mass that would have to be forced out.

that said... screw logic it certainly looks better this way.
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she looks badass (=
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A whole new shine on the phrase "boom Stick". :]
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Fantastic work you've done here~
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It's an awesome work! :omg:
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