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Cave Man

By suburbbum
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A quick 1-hour sketch trying to capture some of that magic :)
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who Dares disturbed my slumber?

nice work ^^
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I can't do anything in an hour. 

I'm in like with this.
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See, in the recent uproar over the live action Aladdin trailer, I’ve been trying to convey the... sheer awesomeness (aka, actually awe inspiring nature) of the Cave of Wonders. A huge being made of sand exploded FROM sand. A guy steps. Into its MOUTH. You see the steps move as it breathes. Holy goodness, that was enough to transfix me to the spot as a kid. That’s a big deal! So having the cave just... be a cave... that Aladdin looked at blankly, (if a bit determined maybe?) downgrades the entire thing so much. If Aladdin was freaking out or in awe or scared or hesitant, we would take our cue from him. But he’s just blank. And it’s.. just not magical.

THIS. This embodies the force of nature it was, the ferocity and raw power, the magnitude. The scope of the adventure was huge from the beginning, epic, because this hurdle was so huge, so scary, that it was taken seriously. If one thing really displays the ferocity of the odds against the characters in the movie, more than the lamp, more than Jafar, for me, it is the Cave.

The coloring on this was brilliant. The contrast to really make it pop, and to show just how tiny this dude is in comparison to the magical and powerful cave, you really got 1,000 words across with it. Wonderful job! Any time I want to rant about the lack of magic with the new live action cave we’ve seen so far, I don’t have to rant now, just show them this work of art. “THIS is what it should embody!” Great job!
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Ikr the cave of wonders in the live action just doesn't feel like it's even supposed to be the cave of wonders!

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Absolutely beautiful
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