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Terma Rose (Star Trek Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster Terma Rose (Star Trek Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster
This is Rose, Lara and Inarn's adopted daughter as well as Candy and Joey's biological one.  Found by Lara and her Cardassian "boyfriend" at a retreat, Lara had Thrax look up Rose's parents though, being a closed adoption, Thrax couldn't find much.  When Lara chose to adopt Rose, it was Gul Dukat who helped finalize the unusual adoption.  People say that Rose looks like Candy with darker hair, looser waves and a darker skin tone.  When the Cardassians left, Lara moved to Bajor to live with Inarn and Fiora (Lara's biological daughter) on a farm.  Inarn, knowing about Rose through a encrypted messages from Lara, accepts Rose as his daughter while Fiora shows jealousy to Rose for being part of Lara's life and being sheltered from the Occupation.  Rose has a love of fairy tale princesses due to being named after one and, despite being raised by farmers and being the biological daughter of a detective, dreams of being a singer when she grows up and shows a talent for poetry.  Rose starts out as a naive young girl who, like her biological mother, loves to put herself in fictional worlds though worried whether this makes her immature, as Fiora tells her.  As Rose gets older, expect people to take advantage of her, giving her a darker perspective on the galaxy.  Her best friend is a Cardassian girl named Nexida being raised by two foster parents who care more about the latinum than her.  Currently, Rose's number one crush is Dr. Bashir and she's in love with Clark Kent from the Smallville holo-program, seeing a bit of her life in him.  When I designed this picture, I couldn't help thinking about how much Rose looked like Mila Kunis from That 70s Show.  So, that's who I picked to play her.  Rose is ten years old when she's first introduced and that's the age Mila Kunis was at the time Deep Space Nine started.

Game by :iconrinmaru:
SeekHim Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
She looks very cute and very spirited!
suburbantimewaster Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
Thank you! I was going to make Rose's Dad a vedek and her mom a merchant but, after watching Smallville, I decided to make Rose a farmer's daughter.
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March 21, 2017
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