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T'Mara (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster T'Mara (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster
When starting my Star Trek story, I always knew that Candy would end up on Vulcan one way or another.  At first, I thought about using an already established Vulcan character.  Then I decided that it would be more realistic for Candy to meet T'Mara, who is also my character from Star Trek Online.  T'Mara is a priestess at a Vulcan monastery and also Candy's sponsor, being a voice of reason and sharing a relationship with Candy on an emotionally intimate level.  T'Mara also has her own dark past that I might go into in my story if I have time, or just hint to it.

Game by :iconazaleasdolls:
SeekHim Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I always like to see Vulcans! To be honest it cheers me up slightly to see the planet Vulcan alive and well
after if was destroyed in the Star Trek 2009 verse.

T'mara doesn't look like the type of person to fool around with! But she seems to have a bit of unconvential
character, since most female Vulcans wear their hair short. I like to see someone a bit different.
suburbantimewaster Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
Yeah, I didn't see that coming when I first watched the movie.  Seems a little extreme to take out a whole planet in vengeance.

Thanks, I like to do unconventional things like that with my characters.  There's actually a reason for her hair which connects to her past and she is rather interesting.  Though, I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit T'Mara's past in my story.  Here's to hoping I can.
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