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Princess Elodie (Long Live the Queen) by suburbantimewaster Princess Elodie (Long Live the Queen) by suburbantimewaster
This is Princess Elodie from Hanako Games little known Long Live the Queen.  It's definitely not a perfect recreation.  In the game, you control the life of a young princess who's mother just died and she has to be crowned the next queen of Nova.  First, she'll have to train for a year as a princess and survive to reach her coronation, which isn't easy believe me.  There are marriage options in the game, but it's more as a political afterthought than it is a happily ever after romance.  You might end up marrying an old pervert just to prevent a war.  No one said politics was easy.  Being the heir to the throne of Nova, she's also got tons of people who want to murder her so they or their offspring will be next in line for the throne.  Did I mention that Elodie is a lumen with her own crystal that, if she finds and activates it, can learn magical powers?  That's right, it's Sailor Moon turned into a political thriller.  You can even shape Elodie's personality into whatever form you want it to be, magical girl, controlling tyrant or a benevolent ruler.  Though, you might not want to recreate a traditional Disney princess or a Sailor Moon clone.  I'm not saying you can't but let me tell you that it's a surefire way to get Elodie killed.  I gave her a tear to show how sad Elodie is about the events of her life and had her smile to show that she still has to put on a happy face for Nova.  I reviewed the game on my blog awhile back which can be found here suburbantimewaster.wordpress.c… .
MsPokemonwizard101 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015

This is pretty cool :D I like how you made Elodie's hair into braids instead of her curly pig tails.

suburbantimewaster Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
Thank you!  They didn't have a curly pigtails option, so I had to use braids.
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