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Name: Megumi Ogawa

Hair: red hair and chin length

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Skin tone: Pale with freckles

Body Type: An apple type body with broad shoulders, large breasts and no hips.

Age: 15

Grade: 10th Grade

Clothes: Baggy geek shirts and sweatpants.

School: Kamata High School

Area of Residence: Tokyo, Japan (Kanto District)

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Interests: science, video games, textbooks, studying

Hates: gossip, stupidity, people smarter than her, parties

Her dream: To become a theoretical physicist

Friends: Faith, Noriko, Asuka and Mitsuko

Love Interest: She's asexual

Basic Info: Megumi is your typical loner who never socializes in favor of studying.  Her parents are farmers who expect her to do her share of the work, but she'd rather be inside working on science experiments.  Megumi's quite intelligent for her age to the point where, if she lived in America, she'd be in college by now.

Personality: Megumi is very intelligent and she'll make sure you know it.  Her geeky interests could rival Faith's, even if she does have a nasty habit of correcting the details in fiction.  She's rude to everyone she considers dumber than her and is hard on soft sciences.  At the same time, Megumi feels threatened by anyone who's more intelligent than her and has insecurity issues about having trouble fitting in.

*Magical Girl Life*
Name: Princess Kaguya

Hair: Raven black with natural s-waves.

Skin Tone: Pale as the moonlight

Uniform: Standard Fairy Tale Warrior Uniform

Colors: Silver and White

Transformation Device: A coin with a picture of the full moon.

Weapon: A wand

Element: Lunar

Main Attack: Eclipse beam
Here it is, the long awaited profile for Princess Kaguya.  I wanted Kaguya and I came up with Megumi when I was reading an article about sexism in the Big Bang Theory.  I got the idea to make her parents farmers from an old show I used to watch with my mom when I was a kid.  There was one episode where a woman was raised to be a farmhand, but she wanted to be a lady instead.  I made Megumi asexual because I don't want to make a love interest for every single one of my characters and I wanted to create at least one character who's not interested in romance or sex.  As for Kaguya's hair, I wanted to separate her from Snow White.

Game by :iconrinmarugames:

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Satsumagic Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016   Digital Artist
Hay, I just stumbled upon this. I don't know much about he series or fandom in which you created her but I see you confused asexuality with aromancy.
You can be asexual while being in a relationship - it's just not physical. Someone who is aromantic however, cannot/is not interested in romantic feelings. Many people actually don't know the difference or that there are asexual people who have love interests and such. (Other than that I really like it when OCs are/stay single for whatever reason because imo if they need a pairing to be an OC worth playing, then there's something wrong. BE STRONG, INDEPENDENT WAIFUS!)
As for her character, you've got a decent start, though I always like to think about the "why?"s. If she has insecurities about not fitting in, why does she make herself more of a loner by being a huge tsundere rude? Maybe she wants to prove something, because as a child of two farmers, she is considered to be stupid or part of the lower workers class. Maybe she was hurt and just builds this wall around her by acting like a know-it-all. (Meaning just because you're smart, you don't automatically behave that way. I know really intelligent but modest people.) Always look for a reason why she is the way she is. It can give your character even more depths and a valid reason to everything.
A third point was, that her interests and dislikes are quite obvious. It fits her personality spot on and is nothing is couldn't have guessed. Adding minor details that dont distract from the personality but add to it in small aspects, can be charming. Consider her collecting glasses, for example. It would not mess up the character itself but maybe add for some conversations or, at the very least, comical relief.

Again, I'm not doing it as a critique because I don't know anything about the fandom but I think these points up there apply to all created OCs. xD If anything about this insulted you in any way, that was not my intention. I just hope this was helpful in finding out more about her or developing her even further. :')

Oh and one question; why can she not be in college? I have actually not done research on this (yet) but is there something that makes it impossible for her to go to college at her age? Pure curiosity here and because I'm a nerd who digs into anything ;_;
suburbantimewaster Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
Fairy Tale Warriors is my own series and I know the difference between being asexual and aromantic.  Asuka is aromantic.  I'm still working out the kinks in the characters and I just created her recently, so I don't know all the details yet.  Thank you for your help.  I will keep that in mind when I get around to adding Megumi to the story and creating profiles is not my strong suit.  She won't make an appearance for a while, so I have plenty of time.  Feel free to check out Fairy Tale Warriors.

I considered making Megumi 12 years old, but skipping grades is not practiced in Japan and that's where the story takes place.  I did some research on that.
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