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Ken and Chris (Star Trek OCs) by suburbantimewaster Ken and Chris (Star Trek OCs) by suburbantimewaster
This is Candy's brother, Ken, and her roommate and best friend, Chris.  Have you ever had that roommate you agreed to take in until they get back on their feet and they just won't leave?  That's Ken in a nutshell.  After going through his third divorce, Ken went to Deep Space Nine to crash with Candy and Chris.  Candy can't stand him and makes it very clear, but won't turn down helping him because he's family and, say what you want about Candy, but she never turns her back on family.  Chris agrees because he has a good heart and won't turn down helping someone, but even he has his limits with Ken.  I know, it's a little hard to create a mooch in a world where people don't use money but, even on Deep Space Nine, they expect you to contribute in some way if you're going to stay there permanently.  I couldn't make Candy because all of the Rinmaru game creators with a man and a woman were romantic and the only unhealthy feelings Candy has towards Ken are all homicidal.  So, I used this one to make Ken and Chris, the former all laid back and making this place their home while the latter's getting angry and thinking about how badly he wants this guy to leave.

Game by :iconrinmaru:
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March 17, 2017
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