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Ken Marino (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster Ken Marino (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OC) by suburbantimewaster
This is Candy's no good half-brother from her father's side and Aura's on-again off-again boyfriend.  Ken is a selfish mooch who's not above screwing other people over to get what he wants.  It's not long until Ken moves into Chris and Candy's quarters on Deep Space Nine and expects them to put up with him, giving them nothing in return.  Ken has three divorces behind him and more kids (legitimate and illegitimate) than Gul Dukat.  When getting stuff from the Promenade, Ken usually puts it on Candy's or Aura's tab, something the former put a stop to.  He considers menial work beneath him and usually comes up with his own schemes that backfire or gets himself conned looking for the easy way.  Ken's ruined Aura's life and dreams to become a jewelry maker more times than anyone can count.  Candy even sums Ken up as a leech who attaches himself to the vulnerable part of you and sucks you dry.  If Ken weren't Candy's brother, she'd leave him out to dry, but it doesn't stop her from tossing insults Ken's way and laughing at his misfortunes.  Yes, I'm aware that Earth doesn't use money, which would make it a moocher's paradise, but Ken still wants to become famous.  He just has no idea how to accomplish that.  Believe me when I say no one on the station can stand him.  Ken's based on someone I actually know, if you can believe it.

Game by :iconazaleasdolls:
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March 15, 2017
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