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:star: Basic Information;;♥
:bulletblack: Name: Serizawa, Asuka

:bulletblack: Age: 15 years old

:bulletblack: Eye Color: chocolate brown

:bulletblack: Hair Color: raven black

:bulletblack: Height: 5'7" inches

:bulletblack: Weight: 105 lbs.

:bulletblack: Birthday: July 7th

:bulletblack: Zodiac Sign: Cancer

:bulletblack: Fav Food: Kobe steak

:bulletblack: Least Fav Food: vegetables

:bulletblack: Favorite Color(s): red and black

:heart: Personality: Asuka is headstrong and rebellious. She hates school and has no patience for book learning. Asuka has a reputation for being the trouble maker at her school, due to passing the time with dating many different guys, shoplifting and has a cynical attitude about friendship and love. Her tough bad girl demeanor hides her despair and insecurities.  When in Starlight Maiden form, she enjoys combat to the point that it becomes an addiction.

:heart: Background: Asuka's mother was a teenager in love with a college student who was the lead singer of his band. When Asuka's father abandoned her, her mother was afraid of raising a child by herself, so she gave Asuka up to a foster care system. Asuka lives in an institutionalized home with a bunch of children that harass her and a staff that treats the children like a job rather than people to the point of neglect. Solitude's a dream for her.

School Life & Job;;♥
:bulletblack: High School: Amai Gakuen

:bulletblack: Grade: 10th Grade

:bulletblack: Class: 1-C

:bulletblack: Most Favorite Subject: Lunch

:bulletblack: Least Favorite Subject: School

:bulletblack: Love Interest: Dates many different boys

:bulletblack: After School Club: None

:bulletblack: Job: Does Shoplifting count?

:bulletblack: Starlight Maiden;;♥
:bulletblack: Starlight Maiden Name: Maiden Kuro

:bulletblack: Hair Color: Raven Black

:bulletblack: Eye Color: Raven Black

:bulletblack: Element: Darkness

:bulletblack: Items: Maiden Compact Locket

:bulletblack: Weapon: Moon Guitar

:bulletblack: Main Attack: Blindness Ray
For :iconmiss-gravillian1992:'s magical girl series.  Character based on Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World and my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OC, Nexida.  Used this article to research the Japanese foster care system:… I plan on putting up a picture as soon as Doll Divine starts working again.

Update: Doll Divine was finally working, so I recreated the outfit as best as I could!  More details when I post the pic separately.
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She's very rebellious. :faint: