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My first effort on my new tablet. I've never done a digital drawing before and it took me a little while to warm up. I know I said somewhere that I wasn't going to do any Trek stuff until after the holidays, but I just could NOT resist. I drew over a very rough sketch on paper.
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This portrait is classic Spock as so many Spock fans love to see him. At first glance his face is perfectly composed, but on closer inspection the closed-in emotion that Nimoy is so good at conveying is obvious in his face. Everything about this picture is internalised – Spock’s eyes are closed, his head is tilted downward, the focus is kept confined tightly to head and shoulders. Even the shading about the head and shoulders is kept close in about him, as if Spock’s thoughts are to be shared with no one else. It is what is in Spock’s mind that matters here, and just as it was so many times during the television series, we have very little idea of what is passing there beyond the fact that it obviously is passing.

The technique of the portrait is admirable, especially since it was the artist’s first attempt at using a very different media to her normal ones. The detail and shading of Spock’s face is perfect to highlight his inner conflict, and is both well executed and representative of the artist’s personal style. The well-known gloss on Spock’s hair is particularly nice, although perhaps a little sketchy to the top right of his crown (if such pickiness can be included here… ) It is obvious that more time and effort has been given to Spock’s face than to his shoulder area – but this is as it should be, since the obvious focus in the picture is Spock’s head and what is going on within.

All in all, this is a very satisfying portrayal of Spock – not just a picture of Spock. If I could prescribe anything for improvement, it would be an exhortation to the artist to draw Spock, Spock, and more Spock in order to for her to grow more and more familiar with his looks – but that may be a very selfish prescription indeed…