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Me by Suburban-Penguin Me :iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 1 Costal Trees by Suburban-Penguin Costal Trees :iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 0 Freedom by Suburban-Penguin Freedom :iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 3 The Lake by Suburban-Penguin The Lake :iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 0
None can save
No hope now,
the tears can flow,
without heasitation,
with bitter hatred,
(and a touch of dread).
Your stories of angst,
and threats of self-mutilation,
and bitter regrets,
will mean nothing,
when the time comes,
to pull the trigger.
But everyone has angst,
which causes the blood,
to drain the face,
you know you're only,
annother statistic.
You've seen through the frivolity of life,
but know you're stuck,
in the pain of self-hatred.
No songs can save you,
no tears will sympathise,
no chance will come thrice,
and above all,
none will care.
:iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 1 0
I walk through the woods,
The light splatters,
and shines,
on the leaves.
This place is not new to me,
nor is it old,
its simply...
as I walk amongst the hidden trails,
I see things that make my blood run cold.
Little white things,
only an few inches high,
walking amongst the trees.
They have a simple head,
one large & small eye,
and a tiny little mouth.
Just holes,
tiny black holes,
to see and eat through.
Their bodies are small,
with no neck attatched,
and just some arms and legs.
It's doesnt look like they have fingers,
or feet...
just tiny little arms and legs.
I'm scared.
They don't talk.
They don't make any sound.
Their walking around me,
watching me,
following me.
Why haven't I seen them before?
Why are they here?
What do they want?
I want to leave,
I've lost my way...
Where am I?
I get it...
This isn't a forest...
It's my life.
And the things?
That's everything I've ever run from...
:iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 1 1
The Room...
I'm alone in a crowd.
Everyone I know is here.
Every face,
The Room is small enough,
and the crowd,
and pressing,
isn't helping.
The walls are closing in,
and closer,
with every second.
I try to talk,
to warn the others,
but I can't.
My mouth,
appears to be stitched shut.
I try to get someones attention,
to grab an arm,
hit a shoulder.
But I can't,
my hands just pass through,
and they carry on,
their idle conversation,
never even seeing me.
I spin my head around,
looking for someone,
who can see me.
But then,
my eyes,
they fall upon the mirrors,
that run along the wall.
I see everyones face,
blissfully unaware,
of these walls,
that are closing in.
But there is one face I do not see,
the face I could not see was mine.
I am mute,
and invisible.
Tears blur my eyes,
as I clear them away,
I notice...
People are dissapearing,
Moments later,
I am alone.
And The Walls continue,
closing in on me,
all around me.
My mouth is
:iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 2
Almost Crazy...
Ever notice how when you're in love,
the whole wide world seems to turn into something else?
At one moment,
everything is rushing by,
and never,
And but a moment later,
the world is just,
standing so
It's crazy,
thats what it is.
'Cause when the worlds not a blur,
passing by,
a million miles a minute,
it's perfect...
The grass is a perfect green.
The ocean a perfect blue.
The sky like a mirror.
The breeze a mere whisper.
You get nervous,
you want to know why the world,
can't make up it's mind.
Why it's going,
back and forth,
back and forth!
Every morning your thinking millions
upon millions
of thoughts.
You almost want to scream at the world
"Why can't you make up your mind?!"
"Why are you being so crazy?!"
before you ask that question...
Mabey you should answer it.
Mabey its not the world that has gone crazy...
they call it "Crazy In Love",
For a very,
:iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 0 1
She is...
Some days,
she is unstopable,
But others...
she is breaking,
falling apart.
Her life is a roller coaster,
and her friends are there,
but not always.
Sometimes she rides alone,
but its ok,
her friends will be back on,
She is not "normal",
She is not "crazy",
She knows shes not the only one.
But if only she knew,
how extraordinary,
she really was.
When others laugh at her, she laughs along,
each time,
a knife through her heart.
When she makes a joke,
they laugh along.
Which is expected.
But when she cries,
she cries alone.
Her friends are too busy,
to pay a second glance.
She makes excuses,
she thinks its ok.
Shes almost like the sky;
When she shines,
they expect more.
When she cries,
they want her to get over it quickly.
She is lost,
wandering a lonely road.
Her friends?
They only hold her hand,
to steady themselves,
and then leave,
expecting her to catch them as they fall....
:iconsuburban-penguin:Suburban-Penguin 2 1

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Your Personal Starshine
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Sunflowers and smiles as big as can be.
Hurrahhh, the dismal little town of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, HAS SUN!

And I am finally inspired to take some more pictures. And its only, what, 8? 9? months after my last photo.  My god, I am so inactive and lazy... Soon I'll be up and running, don't you worry.

I might even be so lazy as to get a new account....

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