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YVK Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
What a pretty work. The contrast... wow! Thanks.
CodeMeRight Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Hey Dude, you do Wicked & Amazing work & I have all your images on my folder on the Mac.
Please keep up this cool work man. Added to Favs
ditzydeb Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011   Writer
These folders are fabulous. I'm doing some 'redecorating' on my macbook and I can't wait to find out how to download these beauties! I have a folder creator that I can use but it takes forever and these folders are just what I need to replace some of the dullest folders I've ever had the pleasure to use. At least this time Apple put little icons on them but that only accounts for a handful of what I need. If you create more of these please consider the every day needs - like a folder for writing, kitchen utensils or something for recipes, brand names, store names & logos and other companies that people have accounts with. I've been searching everywhere to find folders or icons that I can use for the electric bill, mortgage, etc. You get what I'm trying to say I hope. I have a perfect T Mobile folder that I use. Even a Sony Erricsson for my cell phone handbook. I keep all of the instructions and necessary 'read me first' pages for all my apps and I've been making my own folders by copying the icon from the app and pasting it to a blank folder so that when I need a 'how to' booklet all I have to do is just scan the page and find the folder . This is extremely tedious and time consuming. How wonderful it would be to have a folder for the apps that isn't an exact copy but more stylish like those I've seen on this site. Please let me know how I can download them before I go stark raving mad with lust for those fab folders. I'd also like to see more TV series- like Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, The Closer, etc. When I surf and find photos and info about my favorite shows it would be wonderful to have folders to put that info in. My main reason for liking so many of these folders is the fact that I don't have to label them so explicitly to know what's inside! Thanks for 'listening' to my rantings or as my family refers to my enthusiasm- "BABBLE ALERT!!"
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