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Colorflow 1.0



COLORFLOW 1.0 (The Original Set by Bandar Hassan Raffah)

All 60 icons are leopard ready (512x512) folders (mac only) and on request included as PNG files (512x512) as well.

Here is the original link to the
COLORFLOW 1.0 theme of Bandar Hassan Raffah [link]

More folders of the theme you can find here:
COLORFLOW 1.1 by xazac87: [link] or [link]

And even more (all my) folders you can find here:
COLORFLOW 1.2 by me [link]

The entire
COLORFLOW 1.0 - 1.2 so far and expanding [link]

Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

It is an open project, so use the enclosed Photoshop PSD template file with all the layers and create your own folders and add your contribution to the beautiful world of Colorflow.

As the world of COLORFLOW is expanding and more artists are contributing their work, you can find the
or directly at their own galleries:
tRiBaLmArKiNgS [link]
obamagirl [link]
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Among the best folder-icons ever!