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Colorflow 1.0

COLORFLOW 1.0 (The Original Set by Bandar Hassan Raffah)

All 60 icons are leopard ready (512x512) folders (mac only) and on request included as PNG files (512x512) as well.

Here is the original link to the
COLORFLOW 1.0 theme of Bandar Hassan Raffah [link]

More folders of the theme you can find here:
COLORFLOW 1.1 by xazac87: [link] or [link]

And even more (all my) folders you can find here:
COLORFLOW 1.2 by me [link]

The entire
COLORFLOW 1.0 - 1.2 so far and expanding [link]

Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

It is an open project, so use the enclosed Photoshop PSD template file with all the layers and create your own folders and add your contribution to the beautiful world of Colorflow.

As the world of COLORFLOW is expanding and more artists are contributing their work, you can find the
or directly at their own galleries:
tRiBaLmArKiNgS [link]
obamagirl [link]
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This is so awesome! Thank you.

I couldn't find any icons in the downloaded zip. All there is bunch of .DS_Store files. How do I open these icons in Windows?

Thank you , nice folder ;)
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Should i edit the icons in application support?
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Hi, i love the folders! Although i wanted to ask where exactly should i use these folders? In machintosh HD or in my Home folder? Are you guys still making more folders since i can see not all are in? Would really appreciate more folders i love the work you are doing. Please reply to me or if anyone else knows pls reply to me. Best regards and keep up the brilliant work! I love it.
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Can i have the PSD file.
Awesome colection
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Just great. I've been looking for icons which will make all folders individual and noticeable. Thanks :)
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I've tried to make some icons like you but i'm not so good in making them can you give me some tips??
wickedsouls's avatar already dl the templates....but i do not know hw 2 use it....plss...teach me
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Haha I notice the windows colorflow icon is the Windows BSOD. Designer was Apple fanboy perhaps?
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on deviantart I cannot find anyone by the name apple fanboy and on google I get 2,480,000 results. So, if someone designed something similar, could you post the link and not just a vague hint?
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No, no, I'm only saying that the original Colorflow 1.0 designer (Bandar Hassan Raffah I guess) made the windows icon a picture of the Windows Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). I just thought that was interesting.. I was only stating that I think the creator of that icon was most definitely an apple fanboy or a windows hater.
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I tried to download and open several of your zip files and they are not valid archives--PNGs have 0 bytes.
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I downloaded from different computers (MAC and Windows) all of my submissions, unpacked all of them and everything worked well on both systems.

So ... the problem must be with your computer, your unpacking software or whatever the bug may be on your computer.
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the original Colorflow Icons from Bandar are available at many places and of course at the designers very own website:


which I posted on this very download page.

Some of the additional icons from xazac87 are available at Bandars site as well.
And then there are the additional icons created by me available only here so far as Bandar didn't have time yet to upload them on his site.

In every post of the icons designed by me I refere to Bandar and his website.

The only reason I posted his original icons here as well is, that they not available as PNG (512) files at his site.

If you had read my comments you would know, maybe you just read them again !!!

I never proclaimed Bandars original 60 icons to be my design, all I did, was creating additional 137 icons which you can find here in my gallery.
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I'm sorry :(
please hide my comment i feel so bad
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