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Where Hearts Were Entertaining June: Europe 1735



Well, after about 2 weeks of work, several tutorials, and help from Krall, LSCatalina, and Martin23230, I completed a map of Europe from the TL in my sig, Where Hearts Were Entertaining June, up to 1735. Not my best work, I don't think, but I'm fairly satisfied with it. Not bad for my second Inkscape map, I don't think.

The basis of the timeline is England getting Brazil out of the War of Portuguese Succession after a successful invasion of the English Armada. Elsewhere in Europe, Marie of Brandenburg marries Gustav of Sweden like OTL, but they manage to have children who unite the two realms (a note, though referred to for ease of understanding as "Sweden-Brandenburg" the empire is simply called "the Swedish Empire" by its inhabitants). Poland-Lithuania does better with kings from Saxony, managing to even get Prussia into a personal union.

Sweden, empowered with Brandenburg (whose population is larger due to a shorter and less costly Thirty Years War), has managed to keep Russia off its back, though eventually gave up Ingria in return for Russia not constantly going to war with them.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is united under the Stuarts, who have survived to 1735, but only just. A civil war 7 years before wreaked havoc over the country after a corrupt king tried to throw out Parliament. The very Scottish Robert I of Great Britain sits on a shaky throne. Worse, for the British, France is a rising star. After the War of the Spanish Succession, France took half of the Spanish Netherlands, broke up Spain's territories in Italy and gave them to either allies (Genoa) or put Bourbons on their thrones (the new Kingdom of Naples & Sicily), and forcibly married a Bourbon into the Spanish Throne.

For the time being, Europe is at peace, but only just. With alliances beginning to shift and the balance of power poised to tip in any number of directions, only time will tell who comes up on top when war comes again to Europe.
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What's happened to Andorra?